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Soap Hub Performer of the Week for B&B: Jennifer Gareis

The Bold and the Beautiful Performer of the Week Jennifer Gareis on B&B

Donna Logan’s mother, Beth, and sister, Brooke, had both loved Eric Forrester in their day but Donna’s portrayer, Jennifer Gareis, brought such a passion to Donna and Eric’s relationship, you could argue she loved him the most. The show is revisited this storyline and Gareis has once again delivered, making her Soap Hub’s Performer of the Week for B&B.

Jennifer Gareis – Performer of the Week

There are few secrets at Forrester Creations given that it’s a family-run business so, Eric (John McCook) and Quinn Fuller Forrester’s (Rena Sofer) marital problems, specifically, Eric’s erectile dysfunction, has made the rounds. Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), no fan of Quinn’s, has been urging Donna to let Eric know that she still loves him. Donna (Jennifer Gareis), not wanting to make matters worse, was hesitant to add more to Eric’s crowded plate.

While Donna wasn’t ready to go to the cutting room to cut open a vein and let Eric know how she felt, she couldn’t hold her feelings in any longer while the two Logan sisters were in his office. “Yes, I love Eric,” Jennifer Gareis’ Donna blurted out. “My God! I’m always going to love Eric!” Donna was unaware that as she was professing her love for the Forrester patriarch, he was entering the room.

Brooke was gleeful almost to the point of being smug that Eric had overheard what Donna had said. (For Brooke, a Donna/Eric reunion is a win/win as it would kick Quinn to the curb.) Jennifer Gareis played sufficiently embarrassed by her outburst as Donna attempted to leave the room but Brooke wouldn’t have it. She left the past and perhaps future lovebirds alone so they could talk.

Eric not only let Donna off the hook for speaking her mind but also told her that it meant a lot to him. He used his dry charm to put Donna at ease as she explained that a big reason her marriage to Justin (Aaron D. Spears) didn’t work out was that she still cared about Eric. “Our time together, our marriage was the best moments of my life, truly,” Donna stated. “I love you. I never stopped.”

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Donna Walked Down Honey Bear Lane

Gareis easily flipped the switch from embarrassed to relaxed to emotional as Donna burst into tears and reached into her purse to take out a packet of tissues to dry her eyes. Eric couldn’t help but notice she was carrying a bottle of honey inside – a remembrance of her nickname for Eric, which was “Honey Bear.”

The actress turned on the heat as Donna dabbed her finger with a bit of honey. Eric then gently put her finger in his mouth and licked it off. The director chose to shoot close-ups during this part of the scene but it was clear that Donna’s presence was having an effect on Eric. Viewers could tell by the smiles on their faces, the double-entendre dialogue with Donna saying, “You’re remembering,” and Eric replying, “I’m more than remembering.”

Next, a version of the show’s opening theme, set to a romantic, sweeping melody played. Jennifer Gareis was vulnerable and honest as Donna and Eric reconnected in a big way. She should keep these scenes in mind should she throw her hat into the ring for next year’s Daytime Emmys in the Supporting Actress category.

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