Douglas Forrester Slaps Hope In The Face With His Steffy Shocker

The B&B recap for Friday, February 10, 2023: Turns out you can always choose a third when the two options offered don’t appeal.

bold and the beautiful recap for friday, february 10, 2023 douglas forrester makes a heartfelt plea to his aunt steffyDouglas Forrester blindsides Steffy

On today’s Bold and the Beautiful episode, Douglas Forrester’s biological father and adoptive mother each pleaded with him to choose them and their home. Douglas decided to go another way.

Bold and the Beautiful Recap Highlights

In addition, Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) tried to clear a few things up with Deacon (Sean Kanan) but wound up being put on the spot. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Douglas Forrester For The Win

The air in Judge Gomez’s (Jill Remez) chamber was thick with anticipation. When it’s said and done, who would Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri) choose to live with? His father, Thomas (Matthew Atkinson), or his mother, Hope (Annika Noelle), practically the only parent he’s ever truly known?

Hope thought she had it in the bag. After all, it was only the previous night that Douglas assured her he’d rather stay put with her, Liam (Scott Clifton), and wee Beth. Meanwhile, cocky Thomas assumed he could win his son over. Poor caught-in-the-crossfire Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) could only sit, cross her fingers, and hope for the best — and even she wasn’t sure what “the best” looked like.

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At the judge’s urging, Thomas and Hope each stated their case to Douglas. Thomas invoked Caroline’s memory, and revealed that he was on the hunt for a house for the two of them; Hope reminded Douglas that he already resided in a home where mutual trust had already been earned — SICK BURN AT THOMAS’S EXPENSE! — and reminded him of their fun bedtime ritual — noodle dance anyone?

With the statements out of the way, it was time for Douglas to make a decision. And make a decision he did. Much to the judge’s surprise — not to mention Hope and Thomas’s horror — Douglas requested to reside with his Aunt Steffy. Would she have him?

B&B Recap: Pretty Please

Despite having no real reason for doing so, Sheila darkened Deacon’s door. Deacon thanked her for deeming to visit him at his humble studio — surely a major step down from Bill Spencer’s (Don Diamont) massive estate. No matter, assured Sheila; she has such happy memories of the time she spent living with her former lover, cramped quarters or not.

Perhaps Sheila would like to make some new memories, in the here and now, wondered Deacon. Absolutely not, Sheila insisted. Deacon may be sweet, but Bill is the only man in Sheila’s life now. Does Deacon remember Bill? He’s the handsome, sexy, powerful guy who laid everything on the line for her. He’s the man that she’s never, ever going to betray.

Yeah, puffs Deacon, he knows Bill. He also knows that Bill’s the biggest jackass in L.A., and Deacon knows from jackasses. Why would Sheila care about a meathead like him?

Deacon just can’t fathom, won’t fathom that Sheila actually loves Bill. No way. He can believe that she’s using him for her own ends, but that’s it.

Dump Bill and make a life with him, Deacon begged of his former flame. He’d gladly take the hit where Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Hope are concerned. He can handle them disapproving of him as long as he has the one woman he loves more than anything. Won’t Sheila please come back to him, please?

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