B&B Recap: Liam Shares His Suspicions Of Steffy’s Shady Husband

Wyatt was equally thrown. A hug? From Sheila? Who’d want that?

liam spencer told wyatt spencer all about finn and sheila on the bold and the beautiful recap for monday, july 24, 2023.Liam Spencer did not like seeing Finn hug Sheila.

In the Bold and the Beautiful recap for July 24, 2023, Liam endeavors to step up for his side family should the need arise.

Bold and the Beautiful Recap Highlights

In addition, Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) bid her bestie bye, and news of the She-devil’s good fortune made the rounds. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

B&B Recap: Big Man On Campus

Inside Judge Evan Scott’s (Michael Corbett) chambers, Bill (Don Diamont) bellowed that Sheila shouldn’t be released on a “technicality” prompting his honor to declare that “unlaw search and seizure” was more than a mere technicality. And as the confession was obtained illegally, the judge’s hands are tied.

In the hallway, Liam (Scott Clifton) blanched at the sight of Finn (Tanner Novlan) embracing his mother and snapped a photo of the two hugging. Equally disconcerting to Liam was hearing Finn tell Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) that he’d been speaking to the hospital about a patient, rather than fess up to the truth.

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Shaken to his core, Liam made a big show of eliciting from Finn a declaration that he’s just as upset as anyone that Sheila’s been released — birth mother or no birth mother. Later, after filling an awestruck Wyatt (Darin Brooks) in on the details of Sheila’s release, Liam relayed the interaction between mother and son.

Why, oh why did Finn hug Sheila back? That’s not the Finn that Liam knows. But, if Finn has been suckered by Sheila, then that means won’t be capable of protecting Steffy, Hayes, or Kelly. And it’s that’s the case, well, then it’s Liam’s job now.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: So Long, Farewell…

Back at county lock-up, Sheila took a meeting with Mike (Ken Hanes), who assured her that she shouldn’t worry if the judge threw the book at her. At least she’s not alone. At least she’s got another prisoner thinking of her every night before his head hits that rock-hard pillow.

Yeah…about that. Turns out Sheila’s walking free and clear. Despite his own predicament, Mike was happy for her. Still, he’d like to know how it is that Sheila always manages to land on her toes — all nine of them.

B&B Recap: From Bad To Worse

Over at Forrester Creations, Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and RJ (Joshua Hoffman) — who’d been anxiously awaiting news of Sheila’s sentencing — were joined by Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) and Ridge (Thorsten Kaye), who shared the terrible news.

Meanwhile, a frazzled, frustrated Steffy set about beefing up security and bemoaning the day’s events. And when Finn dared to suggest that Sheila maybe should have gotten off since Bill’s plan was unlawful, Steffy demanded that her husband assure her that a) he knows Sheila is a danger to them and their family and b) that he’ll never have any contact with Sheila again.

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