How Can Sheila Carter Be Reintegrated into B&B Society?

How can Sheila be returned into B&B daily life?

sheila carter needs a new beginning on bold and the beautiful.Sheila Carter wants her freedom on B&B.

Sheila Carter has finally been busted for her crimes, past and present on The Bold and the Beautiful. Is she going away for the rest of her life or will the show find a way to keep her out and about so she can meddle in the lives of the Forresters once more?

Sheila Carter: Bold and the Beautiful Freedom

There are only so many times folks can visit Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) in prison. She’s going to need to get out of jail if she’s going to walk around town with the potential of shooting people and forcing cars off the road. Sheila is searching for love and she’s not likely to find it in prison. How can Sheila get back into B&B society? Soap Hub posed this question to viewers.

B&B: Divorce Court

Sheila had more clout when she was the wife of Eric Forrester (John McCook). They’re long since divorced but what if there was a legal SNAFU and Eric and Sheila’s marriage was never officially dissolved? Would still being Mrs. Eric Forrester make a difference in Sheila’s life from a legal perspective? About 27% think it might!

Sheila Carter: Bold and the Beautiful Sugar Surprise

Sheila’s done a lot of horrible things this last go-around, including trying to kill Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), Finn (Tanner Novlan), and Li (Naomi Matsuda). Even if she’s sprung from jail, we can’t see Sheila interacting with the gang at Forrester Creations.

But what if this latest crime spree wasn’t committed by Sheila at all but rather by Sugar (Robin Mattson), her past partner-in-crime? Perhaps Sugar got plastic surgery to make people think she was Sheila? Many of you — 34% — feel that this is Sheila’s best path for “redemption.”

Take A Page From Flo Fulton

Nothing re-integrates an outsider back into the fold like donating a kidney or other vital organ to a needy family member. Remember when Flo (Katrina Bowden) gave a kidney to a dying Katie (Heather Tom)? The Logans looked upon the liar with new eyes. If Sheila were to donate blood or a kidney or other vital organ to little Hayes, then maybe Finn and Steffy would come around. Well, we can’t see Steffy going for this, but 39% of you think it’d be a good start!

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