Why Did B&B’s Hope Logan Forgive Thomas?

Hope Logan seems more than forgiving of late when it comes to Thomas.

Back in 2019, Thomas did a bad, bad thing to Hope Logan on The Bold and the Beautiful that many people would deem unforgivable. Yet somehow, Hope has managed to show Thomas grace and even fall for him over the last four years.

The Bold and the Beautiful Polling

Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) didn’t tell Hope (Annika Noelle) that her baby girl was still alive and that Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) had inadvertently adopted Beth and named her Phoebe. While he only kept the secret for a few short weeks, during that time he also bullied his own son Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri) into keeping the secret. Douglas eventually spilled the beans anyway in the iconic “Beth is Phoebe and Phoebe is Beth moment,” but that should have been it for Thomas and Hope.

As we know now it wasn’t, and although it feels to many that B&B is writing a love story and Hope is falling hard for Thomas, a man who has shown regret, and most importantly, attended a lot of therapy to set himself on a better path. Still, some of you believe that is not what’s going on, so Soap Hub polled B&B viewers to see if they think these other scenarios might be happening.

Hope Logan Has A Split Personality

About 53% of you think this can’t be the real Hope. She has to have a split personality. After all, the real Hope has been willing to accept mediocre sex with Liam (Scott Clifton) for years, as well as his emotionally controlling ways and serial cheating. She has also listened to everything her meddling mother Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) has told her to do — especially when it comes to Liam. There is no way that this assertive, carefree, and confident woman can be the real Hope.

Thomas Has His Appeal

Another 26% can see some appeal in Thomas. After all, as Hope once told Paris, Thomas is hot. And she is correct. He has a great body and he also comes with money, so what’s not to forgive? It’s not like Hope wasn’t also raised in privilege, but maybe Hope believes if she is with Thomas, she can finally get out of the shed in the back of her mother’s house. Yes, Hope has to be using Thomas to get ahead in the world. That seems just like her.

Hope Logan Is Playing A Trick

The final 21% of you think that this is all a long game for Hope and she is playing a dirty trick on Thomas. Never mind that she was enjoying a relatively easy co-parenting situation with him for years. And who cares that she was willing to let him be a second father to Beth and his own son Douglas when Liam nearly went to jail in 2021 — per Liam’s suggestion? You still feel Hope has been running a long con on Thomas since 2019 and their new sexual relationship has to be some sort of revenge plan.

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