Who Is The True Love Of Ridge’s Life On The Bold and the Beautiful?

Once again, Ridge can’t decide between two women.

Ridge The Bold and the Beautiful

Ridge Forrester has spent decades trying to make up his mind between two particular women on The Bold and the Beautiful, with a few other women thrown in there for good measure along the way. He even married a few of them, raised kids with two of them, and is all ready to wed again while looking all forlorn about it.

The Bold and the Beautiful Polling

Currently, the Forrester living room is getting set for yet another wedding that may or may not go as planned. Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) is clearly torn between Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen), two women he has been waffling back and forth between since the early 1990s, but who really is the true love of Ridge’s life?

It’s Always Been Logan

Since day one on B&B, Brooke, then a college student earning money working for her mother’s catering business, has been a constant part of Ridge’s existence. She decided she wanted him as soon as she met him but Brooke took a few detours along the way with other men, including Ridge’s dad, Eric Forrester (John McCook). Still, that doesn’t mean Ridge and Brooke didn’t marry each other a whopping 11 times over the course of 35 years. That may be why 84% of you consider the lady he calls Logan to be the love of Ridge’s life.

But Who Came First On The Bold and the Beautiful?

Brooke may feel that Ridge is her ‘destiny,’ but Ridge already had a lady love the night that he and Brooke first met when she was catering a gala at the Forrester mansion. In B&B’s first episode, in fact, Ridge proposed marriage to virginal Caroline Spencer (Joanna Johnson) and he eventually did. Ridge was absolutely heartbroken when she died from leukemia while they were still newlyweds and that’s why 9% of you consider Caroline to be the true love of Ridge’s lovelorn life.

Ridge Had Help Grieving

Caroline may have been dead on The Bold and the Beautiful, leaving Ridge a widower, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t quickly become friends with her cancer doctor, Taylor Hayes (then played by Hunter Tylo), who morphed into a psychiatrist by the time Caroline died. Ridge and Taylor quickly fell in love and he decided she was the one.

They even married numerous times and raised three children together. As Ridge plans to marry her again thinking that Brooke threw his son, Thomas Forrester, under the bus with Child Protective Services (CPS), 6% of you think she is Ridge’s one and only and always has been.

But We Have Another Caroline

Poor Caroline Spencer #2 (Linsey Godfrey) didn’t even earn 1% of your votes. Perhaps it was all the lies and deceit in that marriage. Ridge had a vasectomy behind Caroline’s back when she wanted kids. Then, she got pregnant with Thomas’ child and didn’t bother telling Ridge who really fathered her baby at first. It was just never meant to be with the niece of Caroline #1, so they eventually called it quits.

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