Was B&B’s Li Finnegan Out of Line Yelling At Poor Luna?

Luna was like a deer in the B&B headlights.

angry li finnegan and an upset luna on the bold and the beautiful.Was Li way too mean to Luna on B&B?

It wasn’t much of a Bold and the Beautiful family reunion for poor Luna when her aunt, Li Finnegan, found her at Forrester Creations. The older woman took her niece to task for daring to be where her son’s wife’s family runs a business. Was Li out of line?

Bold and the Beautiful Polling

It’s not easy to be a Forrester intern but that situation was kicked up a ton of notches when poor Luna (Lisa Yamada) was screamed at by a seemingly unhinged and outraged Li (Naomi Matsuda). Then again, did Li have a point? Soap Hub asked B&B viewers what they think and this is what you had to say.

B&B: Blindsided By The Past

That’s a little unfair to categorize how Li reacted as out of line, say 8% of you. You think poor Li — she was the one who had no idea she’d run into family while there and she couldn’t help but feel that this may have been the idea of her sister Poppy (Romy Park), and there’s obviously no love lost there. Li was protecting her new in-laws.

Li Finnegan: Take A Deep Breath

A solid 33% think that this shouldn’t be taken at face value. We don’t know Li and Poppy’s complicated family dynamic and there’s a good chance that Li has a perfectly good reason for flying off the handle. After all, Li we know — and other than wanting to see Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) dead — and honestly, who can blame her — she seems usually level-headed. She deserves the benefit of the doubt here.

B&B: Back Off

Then again, a hefty 59% of you are ready to take Li aside and yell at her yourselves for scaring her poor nice. It’s time she sees how that must have felt. Luna is young, she is new to working in an industry that she loves, and she admires the Forresters. How humiliating it must have felt to be screamed at in the place she works and has always aspired to be. Try a little empathy next time, doctor!

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