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Should Carter Give Zoe Another Chance on The Bold and the Beautiful?


Zoe could only put Carter off for so long while she entertained a future with Zende on The Bold and the Beautiful. The Forrester Creations COO blasted Zoe for her secrets once they came to light, but is it truly over for the two?

The Bold and the Beautiful Poll Results

We’ve seen many couples break up only to make up on BB over the years. Will Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) and Zoe (Kiara Barnes) be one of them? Soap Hub posed this question to the show’s fans. Read on to see the results!

No Second Chances

Sorry, Zoe. The majority of you, 54%, say that Carter should not forgive Zoe. She lied for weeks about having feelings for Zende (Delon de Metz) or at least wanting to explore a future with him, while Carter blissfully assumed that Zoe considered herself a one-man woman.

Carter admitted he was moving quickly by proposing to Zoe. Her responding yes or no weren’t her only options. She could have said, “Let’s date some more… for a while.” Instead, Zoe wanted it all.

This Time Around

Many of you, 37%, feel that Carter shouldn’t cut Zoe out of his life entirely. He should tell her that he’s going to give her time to deal with her feelings for Zende, take time to see if she truly has any, and then, if he feels she truly wants to commit to him, they can start planning another future. But it’s going to take time.

Go For It

The rest of you, a little over 9%, say that Carter will give Zoe a second chance sooner rather than later because she knows that Carter’s the one. Zoe’s already shown lots of remorse over her indecision, citing her background as the reason why.

She doesn’t want to lose Carter. The question is: does he want to lose her? Stay tuned to find out what happens next. The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. Check local listings for airtimes.

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