Should B&B’s Brooke Logan Have Signed Ridge’s Papers?

Brooke Logan may have taken pen to annulment paper hastily.

Brooke LoganBrooke Logan Ridge Forrester

Getting to the altar can take forever on soaps, but the path to divorce can happen quickly. Brooke Logan became a single woman after signing annulment papers presented to her on Bold and the Beautiful. Some feel she signed away her life as Ridge’s wife too easily.

Brooke Logan Signs Her Destiny Away

Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) still doesn’t know why Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) suddenly threw their marriage away and had his ‘Logan’ (he really shouldn’t call her that anymore as it was a nod of affection) presented with annulment papers. Brooke signed them, but should she have? Soap Hub posed this question to B&B fans. Find out the results.

Not Enough Information

Most of you, just under 40%, feel that Brooke may have done the right thing, but Ridge needed to tell Brooke why he was breaking up with her. Sure, Brooke would have passionately denied any involvement and then, Ridge and Brooke could have figured out that maybe, just maybe, Walter Barnes (Steve Richard Harris), who shared the confidential voice recording of ‘Brooke’ just happens to be an old Forrester Creations pal of Thomas Forrester’s (Matthew Atkinson). Brooke still could have gone ahead and signed the papers once the truth came out, however. Why? Because Ridge was so quick to believe she’d done the wrong thing!

Brooke Logan — All the Single Ladies

Many of you, just over 39%, say that heck, yes, Brooke did the right thing by signing those papers. She needs to get rid of Ridge. He can fly all over the world and steal kisses with Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen), his ex-wife, and it’s supposed to be okay. But when Brooke shares a hug or a smooch with Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) or spends time with Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan), the man she shares a daughter with, Ridge will go on and on about betrayal.

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

The rest of you, about 21%, say that Brooke signed the papers too early. She should have fought for Ridge or, at the very least, hung in there to find out what her legal rights were. Brooke Logan knows that there has to be more to this story, and if she’d delayed Ridge ending their marriage legally, she would have gotten the time to figure it out. Time will tell if and/or when Brooke discovers the truth. When she does, she’ll be looking to rip up those annulment papers the way she did the BeLieF contract that the Forresters once tried to trick her into signing.

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