B&B Spoilers Recap For September 30: Forrester Kids Manipulate Their Folks

They won’t rest until Taylor and Ridge reunite.

B&B spoilers recap for September 30, 2022

B&B spoilers recap for September 30, 2022, tease the Forrester kids working overtime to manipulate their parents into reuniting…again.

B&B Spoilers Recap Highlights

Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) and Brooke Logan Forrester (Katherine Kelly Lang) talked about Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) and how somebody called Child Protective Services on him. Liam felt the knife around Douglas Forrester (Django Ferri) was concerning, but he wasn’t sure that it rose to that level.

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Brooke said that CPS didn’t find anything wrong when they checked on Thomas. Liam admitted that a part of him had hoped that CPS would’ve found something, but of course, he wasn’t sad that Douglas wasn’t in such a terrible situation. Liam said he felt relieved that whoever made the call was wrong. Even so, Brooke said that Douglas shouldn’t be with Thomas all the time — the little boy needed to be home with Liam and Hope Logan Spencer (Annika Noelle).

Ultimately, Liam wondered why Thomas was doing what he was doing with Douglas, and he came to the conclusion that Thomas wanted to get closer to Hope. As for Brooke, she blamed it all on Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen). She waltzed back into town and met with Thomas and declared him fit. All Taylor wanted to do is ruin Brooke’s marriage.

Liam pointed out that the fact that CPS showed up at all might make a difference. He wondered if Hope would push Thomas to change things up after this, and he realized both Thomas and Ridge would be upset over it. Brooke agreed that Ridge was very upset about somebody calling CPS. Liam wished he knew who called, and Brooke said whoever called did so out of love and concern for Douglas.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: CPS

Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) couldn’t believe it, but Thomas was quick to pile on Brooke. Ridge’s wife had betrayed them. Ridge asked Walter Barnes (Steve Richard Harris) to play the recording again because he had to be sure. Once more, what sounded like Brooke’s voice played on the recording of the CPS call. After he walked Water out, Thomas told Ridge he was sorry.

Ridge couldn’t believe it, and Thomas pointed out that Brooke said she would do it if she had to. Even so, Ridge said there’s no way Brooke would’ve done that and no way Brooke would’ve lied to him. Thomas said that they both heard her doing it, but Ridge still didn’t believe it.

B&B Spoilers Recap: Homewrecker

Taylor and Steffy Forrester Finnegan (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) talked about Ridge…again…and again. Taylor went on and on about Brooke’s homewrecker karma, and she reiterated that SHE isn’t a homewrecker — she wanted to leave that karma for Brooke. Steffy wondered how many homes Brooke had wrecked. Then, she encouraged her mom not to let Brooke win again.

Taylor said she was tired of fighting for Ridge, and she declared it was time for somebody to fight for her. Steffy said that sure Ridge always ended up with Brooke — until he doesn’t. She insisted that this time Ridge would get rid of Brooke and make a life with Taylor. She said she’d do something Brooke never had — respect a marriage — even if she had to leave town to do it.

Steffy called up Ridge, and he and Thomas talked to her. She revealed that Taylor wanted to leave because she couldn’t stand seeing Ridge continue with Brooke. Then she told them her plans to take Taylor to Aspen, and then she said that all her dad ever did was choose Brooke, and she demanded that Ridge choose Taylor.

Later, Steffy told Taylor that she planned to tag along with her to Aspen, and her mom said she realized it was because Steffy wanted to continue pushing her toward Ridge.

After Steffy hung up, Thomas told his dad how painful it’d been to see Ridge choose Brooke, and he urged Ridge to choose Taylor after what Brooke just did. Thomas told Ridge that his life didn’t have to be like it is — Brooke always betrayed him, and she wasn’t going to stop. Ridge admitted he and Brooke had forgiven each other a lot of stuff and that Brooke wouldn’t lie to him. Thomas agreed, but then he pointed out that she always betrayed Ridge when she tried to protect herself. He said Brooke doesn’t deserve Ridge. Thomas repeated that Brooke called CPS. It was her voice. She said her name. It was Brooke.

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