Is Hope Logan Ready To Have a Future With Thomas on B&B?

Hope is making big changes in her life on B&B.

hope logan wants a future with thomas forrester on bold and the beautitful.Hope Logan and Thomas Forrester.

Hope Logan assured Liam with her words that she was over Thomas on Bold and the Beautiful. Alas, her eyes and her heart told another story. When in Rome, Hope gave in to her feelings and realized that she couldn’t deny them for her handsome designer.

Hope Logan: Hope For A Future With Thomas

It’s one thing to get caught up in a romantic moment in Rome as Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) did with Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) and also to realize that Liam (Scott Clifton) was always going to care about Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). Hope wasn’t interested in sharing her husband. But does this mean that the Hope For The Future founder is hoping for a future with Thomas? Soap Hub asked B&B fans to weigh in on this.

Bold and the Beautiful: Maybe This Time

Some of you, about 22%, are skeptical about Hope having a future with Thomas. She seems to spend a lot of time talking to her mother about her feelings for Thomas and justifying them. Sure, Thomas lied to Hope, but does Brooke really want to get out her diaries and examine how many times Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) didn’t treat her well? Once Hope gets past what Brooke and others think of the situation, Hope can find a sense of peace with Thomas.

Hope Logan: Hope For The Future

About 31% of you believe Hope will put the breaks on with Thomas. She’s been riding a rollercoaster of emotions for months. Perhaps if Hope spends some time alone (with her children), she can focus on what she really wants. Hope hasn’t fully examined how awful Thomas was to her. He lied to her and used his own son Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri) to manipulate her. It’s one thing to leave Liam, but it’s another to go directly to a future with Thomas.

B&B: No Doubting Thomas

The rest of you, about 47%, say that yes, Hope should have a future with Thomas. Sure, she’s been emotional, but that doesn’t mean she also isn’t thinking with her head along with her heart. Thomas has been on his best behavior lately. It was Hope who initiated the kiss in Rome — not Thomas. She knows what she wants. Hope wants Thomas.

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