Is Hollis The Right Choice For B&B’s Brooke Logan?

Is Brooke ready for someone new?

Is Hollis The Right Choice For B&B's Brooke Logan? graphicHollis and Brooke Logan

It’s unusual for Brooke Logan to be single, footloose, and fancy-free with no man she is pining for at the moment. For decades, it’s been all about Ridge with loads of other men thrown into the mix when Ridge wasn’t available, but now Brooke has declared herself free of Ridge for good.

The Bold and the Beautiful Polling

Rather than longing for Ridge (Thorsten Kaye), Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) has decided to embrace being BFFs with Taylor (Krista Allen) because sometimes your best girlfriend can be better for your life than any man. That still doesn’t mean Brooke can’t find someone new — or even someone young and that is what is happening now. Is a young waiter just what Brooke needs?

Anyone But A Forrester

It seems 25% of you are happy to see Brooke with anyone who is not a member of the Forrester clan and Hollis The Waiter (Hollis W. Chambers) fits the bill. She has already married three Forrester men multiple times each, including patriarch Eric (John McCook). It’s good to see Brooke branch out to someone who is not part of the same family. It adds variety to her life and gets her away from all that chaos and toxicity she seemed to thrive on for years.

An Unwilling Participant?

Ok, perhaps Hollis only asked Brooke out because Taylor strongly hinted that Brooke was most certainly available and this would be a good idea. That’s why 30% of you think Brooke should stay away from Hollis considering he succumbed to Taylor’s hints and doesn’t really want Brooke. The woman has been hurt enough by men. Why set herself up for more hurt from someone who wouldn’t have given her more attention than some brief flirting if her friend hadn’t gotten involved?

Brooke Logan Needs To Live It Up

The final 45% of you want to see Brooke be happy and enjoy her life without Ridge and without any real commitments. Who cares if she is dating a young waiter? Brooke was a young server herself back in the day when she worked for her mother’s catering business. In fact, she was serving when she first met Ridge and the rest of the Forrester clan so why not give this man a chance for now?

He doesn’t seem like long-term material, but who needs long-term when you just broke free of a decades-long toxic relationship? Fun should be the name of the game and Hollis certainly seems like fun.

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