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News Update: Ronn Moss Recalls The Bold and the Beautiful’s First Episode

The Bold and the Beautiful Ronn MossThe Bold and the Beautiful Ronn Moss

The Bold and the Beautiful is continuing to dip into its library of episodes to fill the airwaves during the coronavirus crisis, which has caused production on all four soaps to temporarily halt. Today, CBS re-aired the premiere episode of BB, which first introduced soap fans to the Forresters and Brooke Logan.

Ronn Moss Recalls The Bold and the Beautiful In the Beginning

While fashion shows became a staple of BB, the first episode showed what a fashion presentation looks like behind the scenes. Soap Hub reached out to original cast member Ronn Moss, who played Ridge for 25 years, to capture his thoughts on those early days!

Soap Hub: What are your memories of shooting the first episode? Was the whole episode completed in one day?
Ronn Moss:
We weren’t on a one show one-day filming scheduling then. We took a few days [to finish] each episode back then. Once we got on a roll with filming everything, we went to [doing] one show [a] day.

Soap Hub: You worked with John (McCook, Eric), Clayton (Norcross, Thorne), Jim Storm (Bill), and Joanna (Johnson, Caroline) all in that first episode. What are your memories of each of them?
Moss: Everyone was great. Everyone was doing their best. And everyone was into having fun while we were doing these first episodes. I got along with all of them. Jo and I had a particularly good relationship, which I think bled into what our characters were doing together.

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Soap Hub: Viewers weren’t sure if Ridge was proposing to Caroline because he loved her or because he wanted to stick it to her controlling dad. What do you remember Ridge’s state of mind being back then?
I honestly don’t remember any underlying motives for Ridge pursuing Caroline other than total love for this woman. Her father was pissed because of Ridge’s previous reputation of being a womanizer.

Soap Hub: When the show started, did you ever think it would make such an impact and become an international sensation?
No. None of us had a crystal ball to say that. We simply wanted to make the best show possible and we loved doing that. The international interest that developed was a wonderful thing that actually separated BB from any and all previous shows. That aspect has been great.

Soap Hub: Viewers are seeing you quite a bit these days with classic re-airings. Your General Hospital appearance was shown recently, too, with the Nurses Ball performance. Any shoutout to the daytime fans who continue to support you all these years?
I do and will always continue to give all credit and thanks and love to our amazing fans that have supported us all these years. Personally, I’ve always tried to make sure our fans knew how much we all have appreciated them. They really are the reason we do what we do.❤️

The Bold and the Beautiful is currently in its 33rd year and airs weekdays on CBS. Check local listings for air times.

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