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The Bold and the Beautiful’s Taylor and Brooke Are STILL Vying For Ridge

The Bold and the Beautiful

How is it even possible that The Bold and the Beautiful is now on its whopping fourth decade of Brooke Logan and Taylor Hayes fighting over one man who has never been able to make up his mind between them? Liam Spencer has nothing on Ridge Forrester when it comes to making a fool of himself while two women make fools of themselves over him.

Do Taylor And Brooke Have Any Self-Respect Left?

Once you’re a grandmother, if you are still fighting to keep the man you met when you were in college, maybe it’s time to cut one’s losses. That is where Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) stands right now and she is about to be the winner once again, but how long will she be the winner? Whenever Brooke makes it onto Ridge’s (Thorsten Kaye) mental bad list and Taylor (Krista Allen) is hanging around LA, she looks awfully good and Ridge couldn’t help but turn to her when he was on the outs with Brooke.

If you are a world-renowned psychiatrist and you’re still driving an hour to give a man his favorite Chinese food when he’s dumped you over and over and over again, then yes, maybe it’s also time to throw in the towel. At this point, there is no reason for Brooke and Taylor to still make fools of themself over a man who is frankly just not worth it anymore. He will never be with either one of them completely and has proven that over and over since the 1990s.

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When Will These People Grow Up?

Ridge acts like a child every time a woman makes him mad and he goes running home to Daddy’s house, while Brooke and Taylor look like children as they try to one-up each other as to who is the better woman for this man who has consumed their every thought for over 30 years.

If Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) could move on and finally give up on Liam (Scott Clifton), surely Brooke and Taylor can give up on Ridge by now? What does this even say about these two educated women that they are willing to trip all over each other and themselves for one man who clearly seems to enjoy the attention, but can’t make a real decision? If there’s ever been a triangle that’s been played out, this B&B mess is the all-time winner.

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