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Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For B&B: Scott Clifton

Scott Clifton, as Liam, pointed out that Thomas is a bad boy at heart on B&B.

scott clifton tapped into liam's gentle side on bold and the beautiful.Scott Clifton, as Liam, tried to reason with wife Hope on B&B.

The Bold and the Beautiful has treated viewers to spectacular fashion shows against international backdrops over the decades. However, as Scott Clifton, who plays Liam, recently reminded us that when it comes to solid soap opera storytelling there’s no beating putting two people in a room and having them talk about a conflicting issue.

Scott Clifton – Performer of the Week

Liam and Hope’s (Annika Noelle) family finally orchestrated a way to get the two alone when they agreed to take daughter Beth’s birthday presents home while Beth continued to play with Kelly back at the Forrester mansion. Once inside their modest cabin, the stage was set for the not-yet officially divorced couple to open up to one another and for Liam to remind his wife about who Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) truly is. Hope and Liam, already in an amicable mood because of their daughter’s party, found common ground on which to talk. They acknowledged that Beth will be all grown up before they know it.

Liam gently discussed the matter of the signed (but not yet filed) divorce papers. He pointed out that the couple’s divorce will make headlines in the fashion world given Hope’s increased prominence due to the continued success of Hope For The Future. Liam brought up that Beth would be affected by the headlines.

Liam is perplexed that Hope has chosen to be with Thomas since he purposely chose not to share the news that their presumed dead daughter was, in reality, alive. Hope shared her happiness that Beth is in her life but that prompted Liam to probe further. “For me, that’s the paradox,” Liam said. “How do you turn to the man who tried to keep you [from Beth]…what he did…it was evil, Hope. How do you let him come between us?”

A lesser actor would have chosen to employ a raised voice or even screaming histrionics. However, Clifton made the choice to have Liam present this question to Hope in a voice that wasn’t raised but was still filled with emotion. Liam’s simple presentation was a reminder that a powerful point can be made just by sticking to the facts.

“I tried so hard to get to you on that damn island,” Liam lamented as he recalled the night Beth was born on Catalina Island. They were unaware that Dr. Reese Buckingham (Wayne Brady) had stolen Beth to pay off some gambling debts. In short order, B&B recapped the storyline that climaxed a little over four years ago, which included Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri) uttering, “Phoebe is baby Beth.”

“[Thomas] knew that Phoebe was Beth…and he didn’t tell us the truth,” Liam continued. “That first time that I held ‘Beth’ as Beth…it was like a miracle,” Liam recalled letting the joy of that memory wash over him. Liam reminded Hope how happy she was when she was finally reunited with Beth and added that Thomas was content to let her grieve her daughter forever. “Listen, we’re only as good as our worst choices,” Liam philosophized, admitting he’s not perfect. “But Thomas is dangerous…he’s a dangerous person.”

As Liam continued to argue his case, he brought intensity but not much volume to his words. He didn’t need to. Hope is well aware that everything Liam is saying is true. Hope and Liam’s future is uncertain but, thanks to the controlled but also passionate performance given by Scott Clifton, we also have to believe that Thomas and Hope’s fate is also up for grabs.

Honorable mention: Nobody can have a successful performance in soaps if his or her scene partner isn’t hitting the ball back. Brava to Annika Noelle, who, as Hope was not unaffected by Liam’s passion in what may turn out to be a game-changing episode.

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