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Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For B&B: Annika Noelle

Annika Noelle showed her character’s strength as Hope denied Thomas and nurtured Douglas.

Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For B&B: Annika NoelleAnnika Noelle

Once again, Hope Logan Spencer, played by Annika Noelle, encountered the charming but ethically challenged Thomas Forrester. He flashed his smile and used his charm to get what he wanted in the past but this time, Hope wasn’t interested in hearing what he had to say. Soap Hub’s bestowing Performer of the Week honors to Noelle for her strength and resolve.

Annika Noelle – Performer of the Week

Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) says he wished he could go back in time and not make that call to Child Protective Services. After all, that decision threw Brooke’s (Katherine Kelly Lang) life into turmoil. He also lamented that his actions cost Hope her lead designer at Hope for the Future. The disgraced designer told Hope that if she put in a good word for him with the top brass, he could come back to work.

These moves might have made inroads with Hope in the past but not this time. Annika Noelle infused Hope with strength and resolve. Still, she couldn’t resist letting Thomas take a look at one of the HFTF designs that may need improvement. Thomas offered to work for next to nothing and said he would design “off campus” to help sweeten the deal.

Hope passionately reminded Thomas of the damage he did to their son Douglas. She said that his promises didn’t mean anything more to her than his apologies did. Thomas had hope for his future when Hope said she’d tell him her thoughts. But they weren’t the ones he wanted to hear.

Hope told Thomas that she believes Thomas only wants to help Thomas. “I need you to understand — we’re done,” Hope told Thomas. “We aren’t partners anymore. We’re not a team. You aren’t even supposed to be in this building right now.”

Thomas tried to plead his case further but his remarks fell upon deaf ears. “You have to let this go,” Hope emotionally insisted. “I meant what I said before. I’m done giving you a second, third, fourth, or fifth chance. I’ve learned my lesson, Thomas. I can’t give you the benefit of the doubt anymore.”

Hope informed Thomas that he has to rebuild so many bridges before either the future or Hope for the Future could ever be addressed. He kept behaving like their talk wasn’t over, but when Hope said “I want you to leave,” he finally got the message.

While Hope had convinced Thomas to leave Forrester, she was forced to deal with him later in the week. That’s when Thomas had a supervised visit with Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri). Thomas presented Hope with legal papers that would enable Douglas to choose which parent with whom he’d live. This was likely an emotional last-ditch effort to find a way back into Hope’s life. After all, if Douglas chose Thomas then Hope would be in the position of chasing after Thomas to spend time with their son.

Annika Noelle tapped into Hope’s maternal instincts immediately as her first reaction to the papers was to ask if Thomas really felt Douglas could make such a decision. After Thomas exited, Hope gently broached with Douglas the topic of where he was going to live. Hope was overjoyed after Douglas informed her that he’d prefer to live with her and Liam.

Next, Hope walked into the judges’ chambers cautiously optimistic that Douglas would inform the judge what he’d told her. Hope made an impassioned plea to the judge and to Douglas, letting him know how much she loves him. Hope made it clear that Douglas would visit Thomas in his new home but that this primary residence would be with her, Liam (Scott Clifton), and Beth. Hope promised Douglas that Thomas would always be a part of his life. She was hopeful (no pun intended) that Douglas would stay with her. The emotion in Hope’s voice made it clear that she wasn’t taking anything for granted.

While Annika Noelle began the week showing Hope confident about what she needed to do regarding Thomas, she ended the week quite differently. Her full response will play out this week but Hope was clearly stunned to learn that Douglas chose Steffy!

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