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Eric Forrester’s Bold and the Beautiful Office Needs to Actually Be Eric’s Office

Sometimes, Eric Forrester’s B&B office has more traffic than Disney World.

eric forrester bold and the beautiful in his office wearing a suit with a portrait in the backgroundEric Forrester

Recently on Bold and the Beautiful, Eric Forrester walked into his office to find Dr. Taylor Hayes talking to a patient on her phone. It got us thinking that the long-running set wasn’t always the hangout that it has now become.

Bold and the Beautiful: A Man’s Office is His Castle

Eric’s office — and we realize it may also be Steffy’s office — has been a part of Bold and the Beautiful since its inception. The landmark set has been the scene for many important moments over the years, including Brooke using the BeLieF patent to take over Forrester Creations. While interpersonal dynamics have played out in Eric’s office, the space has, first and foremost, been Eric’s place of work.

Sure, people would always come in and out of the office, but we recall folks entering with a bit more trepidation or professional courtesy before opening that door. After all, Eric could be in the middle of a creative breakthrough. For years, Eric had a loyal assistant out front named Trish (Kayla Blake; Helen Miya). She would screen visitors, and not just anyone could or would walk into Eric’s office unannounced.

Everybody Goes To Eric Forrester

Nowadays, it seems that lots of people will sit at Eric’s desk, and the office is often filled with numerous folks talking about personal matters rather than business ones. Recently, B&B appropriately used Eric’s office to hold the meeting that ousted Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) from the company.

Ridge has an office across the hall (which other characters often use as their own), but other offices at Forrester seemed to have gone by the wayside over the years. The reason we see fewer sets likely is often an economic one. However, veteran B&B viewers recall when Stephanie (Susan Flannery) had her own office, especially as she contractually once had to give it up for Brooke. Margo (Lauren Koslow) and Kristen (Teri Ann Linn) shared office space, too.

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Bold and the Beautiful Showstopper

More often than not, Eric’s office seems to be the setting for personal matters. It was where Taylor and Brooke made the momentous decision to inform Ridge that it didn’t matter whom he was choosing. That’s because the two B&B heroines opted to choose themselves.

Taylor recently using the table in Eric’s office as an impromptu workstation to talk to a patient has us thinking that nucleus of the Forrester empire needs to be re-established. It’d be nice to see Eric and/or Steffy have a regular assistant outside the office so that visitors could be screened. Paging Pamela Douglas (Alley Mills)! B&B has always treated the fashion world with the respect it deserves. Here’s hoping Eric’s office gets the same treatment.

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