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B&B Love Games: Hope Logan’s Shady Little Back-Up Plan

What is Hope really doing with Thomas?

B&B Love Games: Hope Logan’s Shady Little Back-Up Plan

Hope Logan Spencer did the right thing when she turned Thomas Forrester down on The Bold and the Beautiful, but something still isn’t sitting right. While some think it’s Thomas manipulating his way into Hope’s life, it may just be exactly what she wants.

Bold and the Beautiful: A Not-So-Wild Theory

As Twitter user, @realteafeel pointed out, “Hope wants his child, his talent, his vision, his labor, his support, and all that comes with him being a devoted ‘surrogate’ husband who gives her what Liam can’t. But she does not want Thomas as a person. And until he gets that, she’ll keep exploiting him.” And, they’re right.

B&B: The Truth Of The Matter

Hope (Annika Noelle) willingly opened up her life to Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) and his son. Not only did she become a soft place for Douglas Forrester (Henry Joseph Samiri) to fall after Caroline Spencer’s death, she became his mother — adoption and all. She and that little boy trauma bonded like nobody’s business and even after she found out Beth Spencer was alive and Thomas was in on the secret, she kept him around.

Hope also kept him around after finding out he fell in love with a mannequin of her likeness. So much so that he took it home, dressed it up, and had dates with it. Heck, that act of obsession nearly cost Hope her marriage when Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) went off the rails and slept with Steffy Forrester Finnegan (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) out of revenge.

Sure, they chalked all that up to Thomas having a tumor, but why is the mannequin back? Why is it still in the design room? That should have been another massive red flag, but it’s not like she kicked him off her line because of it. Nope, she turned a blind eye and carried on.

As if those incidents weren’t enough, he’s been telling her for weeks she is the only woman for him. Thomas has been perfectly clear and blatantly obvious he wants her all to himself. Has Hope tried to correct him? Not until very recently. Okay, okay, she did remind him she’s married, but it’s not like she flipped out and put her foot down. In fact, she leaned on him when Liam didn’t show up for the show and then stayed much too late during the fashion show after-party.

Oh, yes, she did push him away and set him straight when he tried to kiss her, but look at what led to that moment. Nights at his house. Sleepovers with her and Beth. She ignores her own husband’s wants, needs, and warnings. Hope has left Liam home alone to go through sleepless nights while playing house at the Forrester mansion. Did she expect none of that would have this effect on Thomas? Talk about playing with someone’s emotions!

Bold and the Beautiful: Hopelessly Devoted To You

Thomas has gone above and beyond to make up for the mistakes of his past (at least when it comes to Hope, Brooke Logan [Katherine Kelly Lang] is another story). He has stood by her side. He made her new line a complete success. Thomas has devoted his heart and soul to her — and she knows it!

It’s high time Hope stop using poor Thomas to her advantage. She needs to quietly co-parent, get herself a new designer, and let this fella truly move on. Thomas deserves love too. It’s time he gets it without being strung along as some back-up plan if Hope’s marriage falls apart. Do you agree with us, or do you have your own thoughts on this storyline? Let us know in the comments section below.

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