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A Critic’s Review Of The Bold and the Beautiful: Ill In The Afternoon

The author’s opinions on B&B are his and his alone. They’re suitably scathing, fairly humorous, and normally bang on target.

the bold and the beautiful critic's review for october 23 – october 27, 2023, ridge, donna, and charlie.Ridge Forrester, Donna Logan, and Charlie Webber.

When it comes to The Bold and the Beautiful, every fan has their own opinion – and Soap Hub is no different. For five days, we sat and watched the good, the bad, and everything in between, and now we offer you a handy review, and a cheeky critique, of B&B’s week that was.

The Bold and the Beautiful: The Critic’s POV

Is it just me, or is it hard to really invest in Eric’s (John McCook) plight when the writers won’t even name the disease that is supposedly set to end his life?

What that tells this seasoned soap viewer is that they’re desperately attempting to carve themselves an out so that when it best behooves them to reverse course and give him the all-clear, they won’t have to jump through as many hoops.

I don’t find such transparent storylines particularly thrilling, and quite frankly, they’re not deserving of my time and attention.

Further B&B Musings

* Anyone else have the sneaking, sinking suspicion that Lauren (Tracey Bregman) will spend the whole of her trip none the wiser that Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) is alive and well and waitressing at/living above the local L.A. hotspot?

* Awwww, just what the audience wants to see in the later afternoon — a veteran player coughing up blood into a white hankey. Good thing the scenes are buttressed by ads for detergent.

* Dear Ridge, I know it’s your wont, but petulant selfishness and a lack of empathy isn’t a good look for you.

* Have the writers really sacrificed the adorkable Charlie (Dick Christie) and Pam (Alley Mills) coupling just so they can wring a few guffaws out of pairing the goofy guard with visiting Esther (Kate Linder)?

* How coincidental (read: contrived) that we hear the click of the thumb lever and the echo of the latch every time someone opens the Forrester mansion’s front door except for the instance where Mrs. Kravitz *ahem* Katie (Heather Tom) barreled her way inside and overheard Eric and Donna’s (Jennifer Gareis) telling conversation.

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