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Maurice Benard’s Son Joshua Benard Checks Back In to General Hospital

Joshua Benard, son of Maurice Benard, is returning to General Hospital. He’s set to air today, June 3 as Adam, a character he’s played before.…

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Joshua Benard, son of Maurice Benard, is returning to General Hospital. He’s set to air today, June 3 as Adam, a character he’s played before. Soap Hub sat down with the younger Benard to get the scoop on his visit to Port Charles.

Joshua Benard Returns to General Hospital

The actor/singer returns to GH today, reprising his role as Adam, a young man who’s set to interact with Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) and Cameron Webber (William Lipton). Benard’s last stint had him riling up Joss. Get the details on his latest appearance in this exclusive interview.

Soap Hub: You’ve been on the show before?
Joshua Benard:
Yes! I’ve been on twice before.

Soap Hub: Did you play Adam both times?
Joshua Benard:
No. When I was on before, it was a different character. When I was on again, it was Adam. The first time I was on the show I played Sonny [Corinthos; Benard’s father, Maurice Benard] as a kid.

Soap Hub: What was that like?
Joshua Benard:
I was 13, and it was the first time I was on a show where I wasn’t an extra. I was playing a main character…It felt like, ‘This is where I belong and this is what I’m supposed to do.’

Soap Hub: Tell me about Adam.
Joshua Benard:
The last time I was on, I had a scene with Eden McCoy [Joss]. She’s amazing. William [Lipton] was there — but I don’t think I had a scene with him. This time, I have a scene again with Eden and also, William. Adam is a student. There’s a lot about this character, I think, that can still unfold. Right now, we don’t know much about him. You’ll see the real side of Adam [in this episode]. No one knows if that’s bad or good.

Soap Hub: Does your dad give you any acting advice?
Joshua Benard:
It’s funny…I like getting instruction or guidance even when it’s going well. But my dad’s so funny now. He said, “No. You’re good. If you’re bad, I’ll tell you. You’re doing good.” The last time I was at the show, he didn’t even come.

Soap Hub: You have other credits. You were on Good Trouble?
Joshua Benard:
Yes. I love the experience of being on set. The waiting around and waiting in the trailer is something I love.

Soap Hub: You were on Station 19. Is that on the same studio lot as GH?
Joshua Benard:
They did [my scene] on location. It was a short thing. I had a scene where the firemen were taking care of a burn victim. My character started to record it and [Boris Kodjoe, who plays Robert Sullivan] threw the phone out of my hand. It was super cool.

Soap Hub: Which actors do you admire?
Joshua Benard:
Of course, my dad. (Laughs) That’s obvious! He’s a role model. I also like Eden. She’s great to do scenes with. I also like Bryan Craig [ex-Morgan Corinthos] and I watched an old scene with my dad and Dominic [Zamprogna, Dante Falconeri]. That was amazing.

Soap Hub: What else is keeping you busy?
Joshua Benard:
I’m boxing a lot. My dad and I are very competitive. What he does well, I have to try and do better and vice versa. Also, I stay busy with music. I’m going to release my first single soon. We’re still in the studio.

Soap Hub: Are you up for more GH if they call?
Joshua Benard:
Yes, 100%! GH needs more Adam! If the GH fans want me back, let it be known! Thank you!

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