Lawrence Saint-Victor Weighs In On Carter And Katie’s Future

Carter Walton loves Katie Logan but he isn’t going to let this stand in between them.

lawrence saint-victor weighs in on carter and katie's bold and the beautiful futureLawrence Saint-Victor thinks Carter wants to be a dad.

Carter Walton and Katie Logan are doing the slow burn when it comes to their romance on The Bold and the Beautiful. Their portrayers, Lawrence Saint-Victor and Heather Tom, know that conflict is vital to drama. Saint-Victor chatted with Soap Hub about what he thinks won’t keep Carter and Katie apart.

Lawrence Saint-Victor: Matters of the Heart

Carter has made it clear that he wants a family on Bold and the Beautiful, but his last lady love was likely past childbearing years (though anything is possible). Viewers know that Katie has dealt with some major medical issues throughout her life. First, she went through a heart transplant after accidentally being shot. Years later, she suffered a kidney issue and went through another transplant when her niece Flo (Katrina Bowden) gave up one of her two kidneys.

Bold and the Beautiful: Story Speculation

So, it’s safe to say that it might be a good idea if Katie doesn’t go through another delivery (though anything is possible). Could this later prove a roadblock to Carter and Katie from getting married and settling down as the Forrester Chief Operating Officer wants a family? “This is just me riffing,” says Saint-Victor, who, despite being one of B&B’s writers, points out that long-term characterization falls on the shoulders of head scribe Bradley Bell.

“But I don’t think it would [matter],” the actor continues. “If Carter and Katie were to marry, he’d be Will’s stepdad. He’s used to unorthodox families.” Saint-Victor points out that Marcus Forrester (Texas Battle) was adopted into the Walton family. “Carter doesn’t have to be in the typical nuclear family,” he adds. “I don’t think Carter’s extremely rigid, but that’s just me talking. Brad could have a totally different idea.”

Why Carter Walton Could Lose Katie to Bill

A more immediate conflict in Carter and Katie’s relationship is the fact that her ex, Bill (Don Diamont), has chosen to ally himself with serial shooter Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown). Bill has stunned everyone by announcing that Sheila is under his protection.

The media mogul has threatened to send Taylor (Krista Allen) to jail for shooting him if anyone opposes his decision. Bill also says he’ll make trouble for Li (Naomi Matsuda) for her role in whisking her critical son Finn (Tanner Novlan) from the hospital. We suspect that Katie could lure Bill away from Sheila if she offered to reunite with him, which would leave Sheila out in the cold. It would also impede Carter and Katie’s relationship from proceeding.

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