Donnell Turner Wants Curtis to Take a New Role After the GH Wedding

Donnell Turner sees Curtis’s future as wide open on General Hospital.

donnell turner previews curtis and portia's life as husband and wife.Donnell Turner wants Curtis Ashford to become a dad after he and Portia get married.

The long-awaited wedding of Curtis Ashford and Dr. Portia Robinson is upon us on General Hospital, and Donnell Turner, who plays the groom, does not subscribe to the adage that “marriage is death” for soap opera characters. In a recent interview with Soap Hub, the actor says he sees being married on daytime as just the opposite.

Donnell Turner — Happily Ever After

Turner shares with us how happy he is playing opposite his TV bride. “I love working with Brook Kerr [Portia],” he says. “She’s phenomenal. What a sweet soul. If you think she’s lovely on camera, she’s even more what you see behind the scenes. An ageless beauty.” Shooting scenes with Kerr, Turner adds, “makes life easier. It makes my job easier, a job that I already love is made more enjoyable.”

GH Family Matters

While the unanswered question as to whether or not Curtis is Trina’s (Tabyana Ali) father or not stands to potentially derail the ceremony, Turner hopes that he and Portia do become man and wife. He wants Mr. and Dr. Ashford to be one of GH’s stable couples. “Being married has the potential to not be ‘death’ but to be life!” the actor suggests. In short, Turner wants the newlyweds to become parents sooner rather than later. “There’s got to be an Ashford [son],” he says.

“Technically, T.J. [Tajh Bellow] is not an Ashford [editor’s note: T.J.’s biological father is Shawn Butler],” Turner continues. “There should be a child. [Think of] all the potential storylines. We should have a black father figure on the show, a nuclear black family. I’ve told [the writers] that I want to be married.”

While his fans and producers of the next James Bond films might disagree (seriously, Turner would make a great 007), the actor believes he’s past being cast as a playboy. “It’s been my whole career,” he says with a chuckle. “‘Take your shirt off and be the playboy!’ I want to be a little more grounded. I like being married.”

Donnell Turner — Wedding Day or Father’s Day?

Time will tell whether or not Curtis is revealed as Trina’s biological dad. (It sure looks like he will, but there’s always the chance of a twist.) Either way, Donnell Turner would like to see Trina and Curtis have a better rapport. “It’s been about three years since this began,” the actor says. “We started teasing it when Sydney [Mikayla] played the part. This has been a slow burn. Curtis saved Trina in a gunfight and then took a bullet in the stomach for her when Cyrus was holding her and Portia hostage. There’s a foundation there.”

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