Tying the General Hospital Knot: Will Curtis Ashford and Portia Really Marry?

What’s lurking outside the General Hospital wedding venue?

general hospital portia robinson looks lovingly at curtis ashfordWill Portia Robinson walk down the aisle to Curtis?

Portia Robinson and Curtis Ashford are planning a wedding on General Hospital. But will they actually marry? There are so many obstacles in their way. There’s Aunt Stella. There’s Jordan. And, of course, there is Trina Robinson’s paternity.

General Hospital Polling

Will Portia (Brook Kerr) and Curtis (Donnell Turner) actually make it to the altar? And, if they do, will they actually say I Do? Here’s what almost 4,000 potential guests and seasoned soap opera watchers said.

Easy Peasy For Curtis Ashford

Why wouldn’t they, 8% of voters shrug? They’re in love. His divorce finally went through. Stella (Vernee Watson) will keep her mouth shut. And, honestly, why does Trina (Tabyana Ali) ever need to know anything? She has Marcus Taggart (Réal Andrews) as a dad. She doesn’t need another one. And Portia doesn’t need the headache of explaining why she might have one.

GH: Ask Again Later

We honestly have no idea, says 24% of the audience, who can’t make heads and tails of the situation. On the surface, it seems like everything should be smooth sailing. But, underneath, there are so many obstacles to overcome. This is a wedding that could really go either way. It all depends on who decides to speak up…and who opts to stay silent and hold their peace.

Do You Know Where You Are — Port Charles

It’s still a soap, right, 68% of you would like to double-check. And the entire point of a soap wedding is for it not to go off? At least for it not to go off smoothly. So even if the venue is perfect, the food is perfect, and the music is perfect — Marshall (Robert Gossett) playing the sax or Marshall not playing the clarinet — and the wedding dress is perfect…that does not mean everything will go perfectly. We’d be disappointed if it did. Bring on the problems, bring on the fights, and bring on the big secret reveals. Otherwise, we just might not RSVP.

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