B&B Star Kimberlin Brown Talks Sheila’s Survival and Why Li Had to Go

Kimberlin BrownKimberlin Brown

Her role started out as a foil in Lauren Fenmore and Scott Grainger’s marriage on The Young and the Restless, but years later, Daytime Emmy nominee Kimberlin Brown is showing Sheila Carter is as vibrant and vital as ever on The Bold and the Beautiful. Soap Hub recently caught up with Brown to chat about Sheila’s past, present, and future!

Kimberlin Brown Talks Sheila’s Ability to Survive

It appeared that Sheila Carter was off to prison for the rest of her life for shooting Steffy Forrester Finnegan (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and shooting and killing her son Dr. John ‘Finn’ Finnegan (Tanner Novlan) on B&B. The show threw viewers a twist by revealing Finn has survived the ordeal. No one was more pleased about that than Sheila!

“It was great,” Brown says of being able to play the euphoria upon learning that Finn was alive and being kept hidden in Dr. Li Finnegan’s (Naomi Matsuda) hotel room. “It was great. I keep wondering how Brad [Bell, head writer/executive producer] is going to get Sheila out of this. He says, ‘Trust me.'” The actress teases, “There’s more to come.”

Restless Style

Sheila’s had many memorable lines over the years. Back on Y&R, she taunted Lauren (Tracey Bregman) by suggesting that their children get together for a playdate. At this point, Lauren’s baby had died. Or rather the black market baby (named Dylan) that Sheila gave Lauren after kidnapping her and Scott’s son Scotty had passed away from meningitis. An overwrought Lauren blasted Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) for her insensitivity. Sheila ironically shot back in a flat tone that she was sorry Lauren’s “dead baby isn’t always uppermost in my mind.” Cruel!

Kimberlin Brown on Who’s Crazier Than Sheila

More recently, upon discovering that Li had taken Finn from the hospital to her hotel room without telling anyone, Sheila had another great line when she declared to Li, “Oh my God. You’re even crazier than I am.” Are Sheila and Li truly alike? “Well, we have a son in common,” Brown said. (Or “had” in light of Li’s recent auto mishap.)

“One problem Sheila had with Li is that she betrayed her,” says Brown, dipping into her B&B alter-ego a bit. “Li chose to betray her. You don’t do that.”

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