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The Wedding Crashers: Do They Belong On Soaps?

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What’s a soap opera wedding without a good wedding crasher? Think Scotty on General Hospital (GH) catching Laura’s bouquet? Or The Bold and the Beautiful’s (BB) Brooke arriving disheveled on her horse while Ridge was trying to marry Taylor.

Crashed weddings can be some of soaps’ greatest moments. But how many is too many? We asked, and over 10,000 fans answered about how you really feel!

Stop the Insanity!
Sure, they can be fun, caution 65% of you, but enough is enough! If every wedding gets crashed, it stops being shocking or thrilling and just ends up dull and predictable.

On Days Of Our Lives (DOOL), with two couples, Chad (Billy Flynn) and Abigail (Marci Miller), as well as Paul (Christopher Sean) and Sonny (Freddie Smith), trying to get that knot tied, the odds of something going wrong double. And you’re sick of it. You want a happy occasion — for a change!

If You Like It Than You Should Have Put a Ring On It
A more tolerant 24%, however, is willing to put up with a crash or two, as long as your favorite couple still says “I do,” at the end.

The minister can go ahead and ask, and whoever wants to can still stand up and speak now rather than forever holding their peace. But, after hearing them out, the happy couple should still exchange vows.

Crash Harder!
Finally, for 11% of the audience, the main reason to attend a soap wedding is to see the crashers (kind of how it is for people who watch stock-car races). You don’t want a boring exchange of vows, then a kiss, followed by cake-shmooshing and dancing. You want conflict! You want fist-fights! You want daytime drama darn it!

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