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Hot Bun In The Oven: Top 4 Soap Women Who Desperately Want To Be Moms!

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Family is everything on a soap opera, and fans can’t help but root for their favorite couple to marry and have a baby (and not necessarily in that order). So, when a woman can’t have one, we feel her pain too.

There are quite a few women who yearn to have a baby but have had to go about it in a different way.

General Hospital (GH)
Few women have felt as obsessed to have a second child more than Lulu (Emme Rylan). She was broken heartened to think her last embryo that was taken from her so Helena could create a baby with it for Stavros was the only chance she’d get.

Then, s thought that embryo was lost in a fire. Nope! Instead, Valentin got a hold of it, had it implanted in surrogate Claudette, and now the two are fighting over custody of Charlotte. Valentin better watch out – cause Lulu is very determined to be the girl’s mother.

The Young and the Restless (YR)
While Ashley (Eileen Davidson) now has Abby, she went about getting her in an unconventional way – as in stealing former love-of-her-life Victor’s sperm. Ashley wanted a baby so bad, she decided to forgo the usual route.

Ashley had gotten pregnant the old fashioned way by Victor years earlier, but had an abortion. Later, her son with Brad was stillborn. She had another miscarriage but went nuts and thought the baby Adam gave her (Sharon’s daughter Faith) was hers.

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Days of Our Lives (DOOL)
Has any woman in the history of daytime wanted a child more than Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker)? After becoming pregnant and miscarrying several times, she resorted to kidnapping another woman’s baby. That didn’t work and she thought she lost her chance.

Then her best friend became a surrogate – but changed her mind about turning the baby over to her, driving Nicole crazy enough to kidnap her own child.

The Bold and the Beautiful (BB)
Another Nicole on another show also wants to be a mom. But this one actually is – except that she gave her first child to her sister Maya (Karla Mosley) who was also desperate to start a family but couldn’t.

Now Nicole (Reign Edwards) finds out that may have been the only child she’ll be able to have. Is a nasty custody battle in their future – or will she simply lose her mind? Funny, wasn’t Nicole’s husband adopted? Perhaps she should think about that.

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