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Top 4 Soap Opera Guest Stars We Wish Could See More

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You know who they are – they come on your favorite soap opera for a few days here and there and move the story forward. They make everything more fun and interesting and make us wish they were on all the time. Here is our top four.

The Young and the Restless (YR)
You have to admit, everything is better in Genoa City (or New York City) when Traci (Beth Maitland) is around.

She is the voice of reason, the wind beneath her siblings’ wings, and every other cliché you can think of.

She’s just that good. But for some reason, the powers that be seem to think she’s better in small doses. WRONG! She needs to move back into the mansion yesterday!

Days of Our Lives (DOOL)
She is a legacy character, a lawyer, and a mother to one of the teen characters — so it makes zero sense why DAYS seems to think that Belle (Martha Madison) should be rotting away overseas rather than holding court in Salem.

There is so much that can still be mined from John and Marlena’s daughter. Her whole family is around. Why the heck isn’t she? Chad needs to call her back to Salem now!

The Bold and the Beautiful (BB)
At least Ivy (Ashleigh Brewer) seems to live in town… she’s just not seen all that often. And, it’s hard to understand why considering Ivy is so good at moving the story forward.

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She sticks her nose into everything and has a past with several men, so why don’t we see her more?

She’s got Quinn’s number but also wishes she could see the best in her. It makes her very interesting to have around.

General Hospital (GH)
Franco is an island unto himself for the most part, but when he reconnects with his mother, Heather (Robin Mattson), it is always fun to watch their mental Olympics.

They try to outsmart each other with clever retorts and so much snark that the audience can’t help but relish each and every visit.

The only problem is he rarely visits any more. So if he doesn’t want to, why can’t her ex-partner-in-crime Scott? Anything to give us more Heather!

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