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Find Out Why These Characters Are the Best Soap Opera Sisters

Soap opera sisters can be the best, and the ones gathered here are certainly a cut above.

Sometimes they’ve been known to steal each other’s man, take away a company you’ve worked so hard to build, or perhaps even steal your identity. Not these gals. Find out what’s earned them the best of the best title.

The Young and the Restless
The Abbott family may seem to be a close-knit group, sharing family breakfast and the like. But they can be as cutthroat as they come, stealing wives, companies and everything that’s not nailed down in the house.

Yet Traci Abbott (Beth Maitland) manages to rise above it all and be there for each and every one of her siblings. Maybe it was being bullied when she was younger that made her so darn sensitive and the one everyone turns to for a should to lean on.

General Hospital
There’s no doubt that Bobbie Spencer (Jacklyn Zeman) is one fierce woman whom no one should mess with.

You’ve seen how she sticks up for daughter Carly, but back in the day, if you even looked at her brother Luke the wrong way, Bobbie was there to pounce on you.

Just ask Laura, whom Bobbie never thought was good enough to be with her brother. Luckily for Laura, Bobbie eventually came around.

Days of Our Lives
It can be convenient to have a nurse/doctor in the family, and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) has certainly been there to help her more adventurous siblings survive any scrapes.

She is so sweet that she didn’t even hold it against Roman (well John Black but never mind that for now) for wrongly arresting her for Marina’s murder. Her siblings have always known that if they ever needed anything, Kayla would stand by them and help.

The Bold and the Beautiful
Of course, Nicole (Reign Edwards) pretty much takes top prize in this category, since she sacrificed her own happiness to give her sister a baby.

Not many siblings would do that. Not only that, Saint Nicole even forgave half sister Sasha for sleeping with her man. She may not fully trust her, but she did allow her to attend her wedding!

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