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Yummy Bad Boys! Ruthless Soap Men We Can’t Help But Root For

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For every soap opera hero we love, there’s a ruthless counterpart we can’t help but root for.

They’re the men who wreak havoc, stir the action, and cause never-ending controversy. Sure, parts of us loathe them, and we’re supposed to. But without these devious scoundrels, the soaps would be dreadfully dull instead of charged with scintillating drama.

Here’s a list of the ruthless men we can’t help root for.

Victor Newman, The Young and the Restless
He lies, he schemes, he cheats, he breaks the law… and most days it’s before he’s even had his first cup of coffee. Some might call Victor Newman (Eric Braden) the most powerful man on daytime.

He’s the personification of all things ruthless (heck, it’s even the title of his biography!); a man who commands respect and gets what he wants at any cost, and heaven help anyone who crosses him – even family! Son Nick (Joshua Morrow) is currently paying the price for opposing his dastardly dad.

Stefan O. DiMera, Days of Our Lives
The introduction of Stefan O. DiMera, the son of Vivian (Louise Sorel) and the late Stefano, has given DAYS the delectable villain they desperately needed. He’s smooth, he’s sexy, and, under the direction of  Tyler Christopher, he’s sure to emerge as a dangerous, albeit captivating force to be reckoned with.

The character has already infused new life into the stagnant Chad (Billy Miller) and Abigail (Marci Miller) storyline and the corporate offices of DiMera Enterprises since organizing a takeover. And he’s barely been on the scene a month.

Bill Spencer, The Bold and the Beautiful
This guy’s motto is basic Machiavelli – the end justifies the means! Be it blackmail, bribery and anything in between, Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) is up for it if it means getting what he wants. Heck, when he wanted Spectra out of business, he blew up their office building, not realizing his son Liam (Scott Clifton) was inside.

Then, he followed that up by sleeping with Liam’s wife, Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). Despite Dollar Bill’s flaws — and he has many, he’s cool and charismatic and hard to loathe.

Valentin Cassadine, General Hospital
Valentin Cassadine’s rap sheet is chock full of felonies: supposedly killing Nikolas, making Claudette “disappear,” and covering up Cassandra’s murder. And those are only the crimes we’ve seen.

Yet, actor James Patrick Stuart plays him with a Shakespearean flair that keeps him mysterious and intriguing. Instead of longing for him to get his comeuppance, you find yourself eagerly awaiting his next devious deed and hoping the of scales of justice never catch up with him.

Video Credit: WatchMojo.com

Video Credit: WatchMojo.com

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