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You Picked THIS Brother As Your Soap Opera Favorite!

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Family is everything on a soap opera, and those bonds are incredibly meaningful to fans watching. Soap Hub wanted to know which brother is your favorite and the results may surprise you.

Take My Wife, Please
When it looked like Adam was going away to prison for life on The Young and the Restless (YR), he asked his brother Nick (Joshua Morrow) to be a father to his son and look out for his wife. Then Adam was killed in a horrific explosion.

After Adam’s death, Nick has done as asked and more so, causing 34% of you to choose him as the best brother in soaps. Of course, if Adam turns out to be alive, he may not be quite as happy that Nick went a step further and started romancing Chelsea.

First Born
Super close on his heels at 33% is Michael (Chad Duell) from General Hospital (GH). Even from a young age, Michael was doing everything he could to protect his younger siblings (remember Faith Roscoe, anyone?!).

They all look up to him and know they can count on him for anything. Even when he couldn’t be at the Ball to hear Joss sing, he stayed on the phone to hear it. He’s tops in your book – and his siblings’.

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Great Protector
Still 26% believe that Steve (Stephen Nichols) from Days of Our Lives (DOOL) should take top honors. There was a time he stepped away from Kayla so his “dying” brother Jack (isn’t Jack always dying?), who had a crush on her, could be happy. How selfless can you get?!

Then there was the time that Adrienne killed their father, and Steve took the blame in order to protect her. Who wouldn’t want Steve for a brother?

Generous to a Fault
Only 7% chose Wyatt (Darin Brooks) from The Bold and the Beautiful. Despite his brother Liam making it clear that he wanted Wyatt’s wife (to be fair, she had been his wife first), Wyatt managed to stay reasonable with him.

Let’s face it. Most others in that position on a soap opera would pummel to death their rival if he acted like Liam. Wyatt deserves some points for how he handled it. Even if he did lose the girl.

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