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Do Some Fans Take Their Soap Opera Too Seriously?


OK, let’s get this straight — one person’s obsessive soap opera fan is another person’s idea of someone who enjoys good, wholesome fun.

When it comes to what “too seriously” means, everyone has their own opinion. There isn’t an objective committee, alas, to evaluate everyone’s level of devotion. Or a blood test that forwards results to your SmartPhone.

That said, every once in a while, an individual or two may go beyond what the majority would consider rational behavior when it comes to your love — or anger — at soaps.

It Takes One To Know One
Who better than a soap fan to know when another soap fan slips into the realm of “too much?” For 80% of you, incidents like hiring a plane and/or a blimp to fly over CBS to demand an actor’s return, threatening actors, producers and writers on social media, and accosting them on the street takes fandom to a disturbing level.

Fans also have a tendency to turn on each other, unleashing obscenities and invectives over Facebook, Twitter, what have you, if a fellow fan suggests they might not love a particular coupling quite as much as you do.

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Accusations are lobbed, friendships are broken, and civility is forgotten, all of which definitely falls under the heading of “too seriously.”

Better This Than….
Who would you rather have folks unleashing their vitriol at, real people or imaginary ones? Soap fandom is a healthy outlet, argue 19% of you, and you all know when to stop.

After all, has a soap fan tried to kill a president in order to impress a star? Sliced up an actress they supposedly admired? Throw acid in the face of a competitor? Nope.

That would be John Hinckley/Ronald Reagan/Jodie Foster, Theresa Saldana’s stalker, and the Moscow Ballet. Soap fans are sensible, non-violet people. We just love our shows… to death.

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