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Fans Pick THIS Kid As Soaps’ Biggest Brat

Fans Pick THIS Youngster As Soaps Biggest Brat

Summer seems to bring out all the soap kids, but not all are sweet and adorable. Several are selfish, whiny, self-centered, rebellious, or just downright spoiled.

Does that mean we don’t adore them? Probably not, because after all – they wreak havoc and give your favorite adults something more to obsess about than their relationship.

Soap Hub wanted to know who of this current crop of soap opera kids is the biggest brat – and you didn’t disappoint.

Singing Her Own Tune
Garnering exactly half of the votes was Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan) from Days of Our Lives (DOOL). She does nothing but whine all day about how she isn’t a huge singing star already and obsesses over whether or not she’s gained/lost social media followers. Enough!

She was even snippy with Grandpa Victor, claiming he loved Ciara more. When there was finally someone in her life who wanted to help her, Jade (okay, she did a poor job), she even shunned her for not doing exactly what she wanted. Oh Claire Bear!

Disapproving Daughter
Joss (Eden McCoy) on General Hospital (GH) earned 26% of your vote, as she’s been ticked off that her mother returned to Sonny yet again. Okay, well she may have a point but that doesn’t mean she has the right to sneak out, have alcohol parties (she’s 14!), or hang with boys.

But someone needs to tell Joss that talking back to Carly isn’t going to help her in life. Her mother has pulled every trick in the book. She will never fool her completely.

Too Cool For School
It seems that 20% of you think that Charlie (Noah Alexander Gerry) from The Young and the Restless (YR) is the biggest brat. Stealing Reed’s gal and rubbing it in his face was bad enough, but the way he continuously makes fun of his twin sister is just not cool!

Mama’s Boy
Still, 4% have had it with the antics of RJ (Anthony Turpel) on The Bold and the Beautiful (BB). He was too old to scheme to get his mom’s new boyfriend (now husband) out of the way to clear a path for his father. It’s not like Ridge ever needed help anyway.

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