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Are These The Creepiest Soap Opera Storylines EVER?

If you’ve been watching soap operas for decades, you’ve seen your share of unusual and sometimes unbelievable storylines.

Occasionally these story arcs, move over into the weird realm. Here are some of the all-time creepiest soap plots.

Marlena Possessed in Salem!
While there is no shortage of creepy Marlena storylines in the storied history of Days of Our Lives (DOOL), this one certainly takes the cake.

In fact, this mid-90s plotline actually kept many children awake nights, but it did help DAYS shoot up. It seemed like EVERYONE watched to see how this crazy storyline turned out!

Marlena (Deidre Hall) faced outrageous circumstances throughout her years in Salem, but perhaps being possessed by the devil is the creepiest of all her unlikely situations!

Port Charles Vampires
Remember when vampires were all the rage instead of zombies? Well, General Hospital (GH) certainly enjoyed a moment in the spotlight well before it was “cool.”

The GH spin-off series Port Charles featured vampires from 1997 to 2003. Then, a few years, it brought back a bit of the storyline to GH!

Do you think GH will ever have vampires again? Or what about zombies? Could those become part of daytime lore?

Jack or Marco?
This story is creepy in a less than supernatural way. On The Young and the Restless (YR), Victor (Eric Braeden) found Marco, a crime lord, in a Peruvian prison and brought him to Genoa City to impersonate Jack (Peter Bergman).

With the real Jack held prisoner by Kelly on an island, Marco “Yack” took over Jack’s life in GC. He even tricked Jack’s wife Phyllis into believing he was the real deal.

This is one creepy storyline that still caused issues when Phyllis couldn’t get over Victor’s part in the major deception, ultimately leading to her affair and subsequent divorce from Jack.

Could Marco somehow be back in GC?

Would-Be Death By Bear?
Once on The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) Pamela (Alley Mills) tried to entice a bear to eat Donna. Pamela and planned to shoot Donna (Jennifer Gareis), but Donna nearly escaped the wretched, remote cabin.

As the story goes, an unexpected bear foiled Donna’s quest for freedom, so she went back.

Guess what Pamela did? She tied Donna up and covered her in honey. She literally tried to get a bear to eat her rival! Creepy!

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