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As the World Turns Wayback: Steve and Betsy

As the World Turns Steve and Betsy August 16, 2019As the World Turns Steve and Betsy

As the World Turns certainly had its share of memorable couples who were some of the best in soap opera history. Among the show’s greatest love stories was the one belonging to Steve Andropoulos and Betsy Stewart!

There was a magic to their love that was enhanced by the actors who played their roles — Frank Runyon, who played Steve, and future film star Meg Ryan, who played Betsy. Here’s a look back at the As the World Turns couple’s passionate love story!

Family Drama
Steve and Betsy were already related courtesy of Steve’s brother Nick being wed to Betsy’s stepmom Kim, but they couldn’t help falling in love with one another, much to the dismay of Nick and Kim!

Deathbed Vow
Nick was so agitated over Steve putting the moves on Betsy that he died of a heart attack following a violent confrontation with Steve. Betsy agreed to Nick’s dying wish that she wouldn’t see Steve anymore. This prompted Betsy to enter a (mostly) loveless marriage with Craig Montgomery. Craig remained jealous of Steve, which caused many problems.

Dani Namesake
Betsy became pregnant, thinking Craig was the father, but it was really Steve’s baby. The child was named Danielle (Dani) after Betsy’s later father, Dan Stewart. Betsy helped Steve clear his name after he’d been set up after Whit McColl’s gold coins were stolen.

Happy Endings
Betsy told Steve that she couldn’t leave Craig just yet. He had guilted her into staying with him longer after faking paralysis. After the truth came out, Betsy and Steve were finally reunited and married.

Their wedding drew in 20 million viewers, making it the second highest-rated episode in daytime history! (The first being Luke and Laura’s wedding on General Hospital, which garnered 30 million!)

An Early Frost
Betsy was in a horrible car accident, resulting in amnesia and plastic surgery (to explain Lindsay Frost taking over the role). It took her a while to be reunited with Steve. They were happy for a time. Steve even gave in when Betsy went to work for Craig, whom she believed had changed, but he was always wary of her ex (can you blame him?).

Steve’s stubbornness and belief that Tonio Reyes was his ally (he was not) ultimately cost him his company. He moved back to Greece to seek opportunities there while Craig purchased Betsy’s cabin and gifted it to her, a gesture to make up for his past sins.

Alas, Steve landed in jail for dealing with drugs. Regrettably, Betsy divorced him as his sentence was for life! She failed to find a successful romance with Josh Landry or Seth Snyder, so she and Dani moved away from Oakdale. They returned for the funeral of David Stewart, Betsy’s grandfather.

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