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You’re My Obsession: What’s Crazy Ryan Without Felicia?!

Felicia and Ryan General HospitalFelicia and Ryan General Hospital

Ryan was always obsessed with Felicia on General Hospital, so now that’s he’s finally back in action, should Felicia be more involved?

After all, when Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) had his reign of terror 25 years ago, it was Felicia (Kristina Wagner) who occupied his every thought as he terrorized her and made her life a living hell.

Are we really supposed to believe that one conversation with his beloved and finding out she loves being a grandmother was enough to turn him off and send him looking for a new muse?

And even if that’s true, should it be? Over 13,000 weigh in on Ryan’s (and the writers) new fickle attitude.

Forever Felicia
They call it obsession for a reason, muse 75%, and since Ryan’s every thought and action was all about Felicia back then, it should be again.

You don’t understand how something like that in someone as sick as Ryan could just peter out. And even if it is possible, it shouldn’t have happened.

This was a perfect chance to put Wagner back on the front burner. It was impossible to think of Ryan without thinking of Felicia and yet for some reason — the GH writers did just that!

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It’s like peanut butter without jelly — it just shouldn’t happen and you’re hoping this is fixed quickly.

Two Peas in a Pod
For the other 25%, Ryan moving on makes perfect sense — especially considering the woman who replaced her. Ava (Maura West) is also blonde, so he’s sticking to type, but she’s also as lethal as he is and a perfect match for the psychopath.

She fascinates him and it’s obvious that he finds her a challenge — and we all know she will be.

The fun of this pairing will be when she finally learns the truth — and then all hell will break loose. A vengeful Ava stalking the stalker and getting the best of him (at least we hope so) should prove riveting and we can’t wait!

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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