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Woman On The Verge: Do You Think That Kim Will Go Of The Deep End On General Hospital?

Drew and Kim General HospitalDrew and Kim General Hospital

Since Oscar succumbed to his brain tumor on General Hospital, Kim has been an emotional wreck. In fact, she seems to be walking a very thin line separating sanity and a full-blown mental break.

Last week, Kim found herself hallucinating the cries of an infant coming from a teen Oscar that let her terrified. Kim was even desperate enough to call Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin). If that isn’t a cry for help then what else does the woman have to do?

Kim has convinced herself that the one thing that can restore balance in her life is to have another baby. The problem is that the two men Kim has asked to help have shot down the proposal.

As Kim continues her downward spiral Soap Hub asked fans if they thought she would go off the deep end. Here’s what 18,000 of you thought:

Over The Edge
The overwhelming majority say that Kim is destined for some hospital R&R. In fact 93% of you said that Kim would get a lot worse before she got better. Not every fan viewed the prospect as a negative. For one thing, watching Tamara Braun play out a grieving mother’s descent into madness could prove to be a real tour de force.

Light And The End
In contrast, 6% of you feel that Kim will soon regain her sanity. This group of fans feels that this emotional episode is more than understandable.

Kim is a mother who just lost her teenage son to a brain tumor. Give the lady a break! You feel that as soon as Kim’s tunnel vision about producing Oscar a brother or sister clears everything will be fine.

No matter the outcome there is one thing that is for certain. And it’s that Tamara Braun is a dynamite performer and she will make whatever material the writers give her work. General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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