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Will Sam Choose Her First Jason On ‘General Hospital’ (GH)?


General Hospital (GH) fans aren’t certain yet if the now-escaped recluse played by Steve Burton will turn out to be the real Jason or not. But why should not knowing stop anyone from having fun speculating? If he does turn out to be the original Jason, who will Sam choose?

Here’s what over 7.000 viewers think:

Now And Later
Who cares about what went on before, insist 55% of you. The only thing that matters is what’s happening now. Whom Sam (Kelly Monaco) loves now. And that’s obviously the Jason that’s being played by Billy Miller.

They’re the ones who are married, they’re the ones with the more recent baby, and they’re the ones who deserve to be together forever.

Sam just spent weeks blubbering at this Jason’s bedside. Why would you let all that pent up emotion go to waste? If Sam goes back to the other Jason, she might as well go back to Sonny (Maurice Benard). And that’s a stomach-churning thought.

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Fool Me Once
The only reason Sam fell in love with this Jason, argue 41%, is because she was coasting on fumes and memories from the Jason she really fell in love with, the one played by Burton.

Miller was just picking up his goodwill, even as Sam ignored the warning signs, such as Jason no longer worshiping Sonny and wanting to kill people for him. That should have been her first sign that all was not on the up and up. It’s time to revert to normal, and this is the only Jason that can do that.

Moving On
A wise-ass 2% suggests Sam dump both Jasons and go for Finn (Michael Easton). He’s already been Silas and John McBain, the name may change, but the face remains the same. Sam could use that stability. (Plus, there’s the Port Charles connection, right, Livvie?)

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