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Will The REAL Jason Please Stand Up? Frank Valentini Has Some Hints

Hmmm…who will Steve Burton play when he returns to General Hospital (GH)? That does seem to be the ultimate question since Billy Miller has made the role his own–and the character he plays has Jason Morgan’s DNA.

Of course, DNA tests turn out wrong all the time on soaps, so for all we know the man Sam married and had a child with isn’t Jason after all. Or…he is. What does Executive Producer Frank Valentini have to say about this Steve Burton conundrum?

Jason’s life affects, like, 30 people on the show. There is almost nobody who won’t be affected by his return,” Valentini told TV Line. “That whole paradigm — ‘Who’s the real Jason? How will people react to him?’ — I find to be very interesting, and it will be fun for the audience.”

When reminded of another story he told on One Life to Live years ago when the man we thought was Todd Manning with plastic surgery turned out to be Todd’s twin, Victor after Roger Howarth decided to return, Valentini said he learned some lessons there.

“The thing about being an EP for as long as I have is you learn what not to do, and I try never to make mistakes twice. Not that I haven’t made them twice, but I try to learn from my mistakes.”

OK, does that mean Billy Miller really is playing Jason when it turned out Trevor St. John was NOT playing Todd? Again, Valentini becomes quite the teaser as we all continue to figure out what the writers have come up with.

“No one has guessed right,” he told TV Line. “They think we’re making it up as we go along, when it’s all been laid out.”

OK, that gets the wheels turning in Soap Hub’s head as we’ve been guessing and guessing since the news was first released. As we come up with more theories, we’ll definitely let you know. But, you tell us, what’s yours?

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