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Why Anna’s Child with Faison Is a Major Fail On General Hospital

Anna and Faison General HospitalAnna and Faison General Hospital

Heroine Anna Devane has been painted in a horribly tainted light courtesy of a plot twist stunner that has her sharing a child with the depraved Faison on General Hospital (GH).

Two words: major fail! GH fans can’t be buying this hogwash. It’s too bizarre, too out of nowhere, and totally against everything Anna (Finola Hughes) stands for.

Against Type
To believe that Anna ever shared a bed with Faison (Anders Hove) for any reason is ludicrous. While she did work as a double agent for the WSB and might have tried to seduce the DVX cartel head to uncover his diabolical secrets, she never would have gone so far as to have sex with him. It’s not in her nature.

Plus, Anna has always loathed Faison and been repulsed by the very sight of him. Rewriting history and having her prostitute herself in the name of super-spydom is outrageous.

In A Bad Light
Another thing that makes this story so wrong is that it paints Anna in a terrible light. Viewers already know that she gave up Robin (Kimberly McCullough) as a baby and allowed her to be raised by the elderly Filomena to protect her from her dangerous lifestyle.

Now we’re supposed to believe that she gave away yet another child? It’s too farfetched and makes Anna seem cold and unfeeling. What mother could possibly bear to part ways with two of her offspring and, in Peter/Henrik’s (Wes Ramsey) case if he is her son, never see him again?

What About Robert… And Duke?
Wouldn’t Robert (Tristan Rogers) have been privy to this awful secret Anna was keeping? After all, he was her original partner at the WSB, and he witnessed Faison’s sick obsession with her for decades.

Then, there’s the late Duke (Ian Buchanan). Surely, Anna would have confided something of this magnitude to him. It’s doesn’t ring true that she wouldn’t have shared this ginormous secret with at least one of the great loves of her life.

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