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ANYTHING Can Happen Now With General Hospital’s Nelle

Nelle and Carly on General HospitalNelle and Carly on General Hospital

For months, General Hospital (GH) fans have been asking: What is Nelle doing?

Is she really Josslyn’s (Eden McCoy) kidney donor? How did that happen? Why is she so mad about it? What does this have to do with getting close to Carly (Laura Wright) and tricking Sonny (Maurice Benard) into thinking they slept together?

Now we have answers: Yes, she’s the donor. She’s mad because the procedure was done against her will.

Nelle (Chloe Lanier) is the biological daughter of Carly’s adoptive father, and sleeping with Sonny… well, it’s kind of a requirement for all women in Port Charles. (Oh, fine, it was part of an ill-thought-out revenge scheme against Carly.)

But, now that we know what Nelle used to want, the next question is what will she do (and want) next?

Leaving On a Jet Plane
Nelle’s done what she came to Port Charles to do, and now 48% of you want her to leave.

Joss doesn’t need another organ (and Nelle won’t have a matched set to spare, in any case), Carly isn’t looking for sisterly bonding, and Sonny is busy mumbling about his latest betrayal. Nelle, you’re not wanted. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Man Trap
Carly may be Nelle’s sister, but Michael (Chad Duell) is no blood relation, which makes 42% of fans rooting for Nelle to go after him a legitimate option.

The two are cute together, and if Michael can forgive Sonny for killing AJ, and Carly for lying to him for most of his life, he’ll eventually be able to forgive Nelle anything she asks, too.

Spy Games
For most people, teaming up with Nina (Michelle Stafford) and her crazy is a step down the professional ladder.

But 10% of you think it would actually be progress for Nelle. At the very least, Nina could give Nelle some great pointers on how to scheme and manipulate, and avoid paying for your actions. Of course, Sonny could have taught Nelle that, too….

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