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Wasted Opportunity: Did General Hospital Let A Good Thing Go In Dante?

Dante General HospitalDante General Hospital

For years, Dante Faloneri was involved in front burner story after front burner story, and it even started out that way when he arrived on the General Hospital (GH) scene as Dominic, an undercover name.

His romance and subsequent marriage to Lulu Spencer made him one half of a super couple and the revelation that he was Sonny’s son tied him to another longtime core family.

But, the last time Dante had a story of his own was in 2015 when he had an ill-advised affair with Lulu’s long-lost cousin, Valerie. It was an affair that led to Dante and Lulu’s divorce and never made much sense character-wise.

The affair led Lulu to do a few hair-brained things with Johnny Zacchara and then it was dropped as if it never happened. Sure, the Falconeris inherited another child when it turned out Charlotte came from Lulu’s egg, but Dante was pretty much on the sidelines for what otherwise was Lulu’s story.

Soap Hub asked if you think GH wasted Dominic Zamprogna’s talents over the last few years and more than 5,000 of you weighed in.

YES! say a whopping 90% of you. All we have seen Dante do is badly solve crimes and offer advice to friends and families. Is that what a soap should do to a leading man? Of course not.

It was even a wasted opportunity when Nathan died and Dante and Maxie could have grown closer as he pulled away from Lulu, blaming her for his partner’s death the way Maxie did.

Instead, Dante has been nothing more than a supporting character while GH pushed Maxie and Peter.

No Mistakes Here
However, for 10% of you, Dante was doing exactly what he should have been doing–being the good son, the good husband, the good father, and the good cop. Not everyone can be front burner all the time and Dante was filling a role every soap needs.

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