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Textmergency: How Fans Feel About Franco’s Fumbling Fingers On General Hospital

Franco and Liz General HospitalFranco and Liz General Hospital

Many things that happen on General Hospital (GH) never happen in real life. Memories on microchips. Evil weather machines? Lovable, moral mobsters.

But sending a text to the wrong person? Happens to the best of us. Constantly.

It happened to Franco (Roger Howarth). He sent a text to Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn), telling her “Kiki and Griffin had sex!!!” But it went to Ava (Maura West), instead.

(Don’t blame Franco, he probably never went past the first letter of the alphabet. Or it was cut out with his tumor of evil.)

Funny, relatable gaff, or cheap, lazy plot point? Over 10,000 had an opinion on this one!

That was a totally legit boo-boo on Franco’s part, 57% of you take him off the hook. He wasn’t trying to cause trouble, he was truly trying to help. And if anyone knows what an Ava scorned can do, it’s Franco.

He loves Kiki (Hayley Erin), he wouldn’t deliberately do that to her. Heck, he might even feel sorry for Griffin (Matt Cohen). Because now that Ava knows, no one’s life is going to be happy for a very, very long time.

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In this century, texts sent to the wrong person are a fact life. It’s fun to watch soaps take advantage of it for storytelling purposes.

Stupid Is As Stupid Does
Oh, come on, show, 42% of the audience groans. Was that really the best you could do to get the truth out? It was lazy, it was sloppy, it was a shortcut… on the writer’s parts, not Franco’s.

Whatever happened to the days of overhearing someone loudly talking to themselves in a public place? Or intercepting a note? Or revealing the truth out of spite? A text message is such an impersonal way to wreak havoc. Especially when it’s an accident….

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