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A Tale Of Two Baby Switches: General Hospital Vs. The Bold And The Beautiful

Soap Baby SwitchesSoap Baby Switches

Baby switches are a tried and true staple of daytime soap operas, with one of the earliest and most memorable being Mike Horton on Days of Our Lives. While the audience knew his true paternity for quite a few years, Mike and the man who raised him did not.

Right now, two of the four remaining soaps have baby switch storylines dominating the plot. In fact, one soap has a baby switch as its only plot, and if Soap Hub is to choose which soap is doing this better, we’d have to go with General Hospital with one of the main reasons being it is not the entire show.

Sure, there is always one dominant front-burner storyline through several-month or several-week arcs on any soap, but on The Bold and the Beautiful, if you don’t want to hear the entire cast ruminate about Baby Beth and Hope’s (Annika Noelle) poor grief choices (combined with Thomas’s creepy stalker personality transplant), then there’s not much use tuning in.

Granted, this story has people talking. But, the reason it’s the only story fans talk about is that it’s the only story they have right now.

We understand that 30-minute soaps cannot fit as many plots on the canvas as hour-long shows, but 30-minute (and even 15-minute) soaps dominated daytime for decades, and we definitely saw (or heard) various stories told in that time.

While the performances on BB have been outstanding and we can feel Hope and Liam’s (Scott Clifton) anguish, as we anticipate Steffy’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), there are so many characters in this story NOT to feel for.

Typically, one person knows the whole truth and that one person is the villain. On BB, we are up to six people who know Phoebe is really baby Beth and none are spilling because it would essentially ruin their cushy lifestyle or a romance.

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