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GH Spoilers Speculation: This Is How Nikolas Will Punish Spencer

GH Spoilers Nikolas and Spencer

For months, GH spoilers had viewers guessing who was stalking Ava Jerome Cassadine. Eventually, we learned that the culprit was her new stepson, Spencer Cassadine, but his dad, Nikolas Cassadine has yet to figure that out.

GH Spoilers Speculation: Get A Clue

He will —  after all, Nikolas (Marcus Coloma) is a shrewd member of the Cassadine clan. At least he will eventually. We hope. And then this is how almost 4,000 of you hope Nikolas reacts:

You Are Not My Son

Not quite half of the audience, 41%, wants a big, explosive scene where Nikolas screams, “You are no longer my son! I disinherit you! Go and never darken my doorstep again!” And then he does it again in Greek, just for the grandeur of it.

The Spencer who left Port Charles for boarding school was a kid. Kids do stupid things. But the Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) who returned is a young man. One who is old enough to take responsibility for his actions. And pay the price for doing so.

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GH Spoilers: Righteous Cause

You know what’s even better than finding out who’s been stalking your wife? Being right. Nikolas never took the threats particularly seriously, and once he finds out that it was Spencer, he’ll enjoy being right more than he’ll care about punishing his son, according to 34% of the fans.

Mumble, Grumble

It might not be quite the scene the first-place winners want, but last place are the 25% of voters who expect Nikolas to feel betrayed. Cassadines are very good at feeling betrayed. And then you expect him to sulk. Cassadines are very good at sulking. He won’t exactly punish Spencer – kind of like when the kid stole an entire election – but he will make frowny faces and sulky noises.

Grandma Helena (Constance Towers) would have complimented the boy and had a strategy session about how he can terrorize better. But Nikolas will just pout at not getting his way…or the son he once fought so hard for that he wanted.

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