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GH Spoilers Speculation: Nikolas Will Save Liz From Going To Jail Over Esme

He won’t let her take the fall for him with this Esme Prince mess.

GH Spoilers Liz and Nikolas

GH spoilers have revealed that Esme Prince is finally out of captivity, and boy, does she have stories to tell (when she eventually remembers them)! Will she eventually let the Port Charles Police Department know that Nikolas Cassadine has been keeping her prisoner for weeks and Elizabeth Webber Baldwin knew?

GH Spoilers Speculation

After all, Nikolas has just been waiting for Esme to deliver their baby so he could get rid of her for good. But will Esme also point the finger at Liz for being a party to it? And will Liz end up doing time as a result? Soap Hub asked GH viewers, and here’s what you’re predicting will happen once Esme gets her brain unscrambled.

Esme Prince Will Spill The Beans

What reason does Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) have not to spill, 8% reasonably speculate? She doesn’t owe Nik (Marcus Coloma) or Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) anything. She doesn’t need to protect them. Sure, she pulled some rotten stunts of her own. But nothing she did warranted being locked up. It’s Nik — and Liz’s — turn to get tossed into a cell…and lose the key.

GH Spoilers Long Con

Esme has very little to gain from sending Liz to prison, 35% of the audience is taking the long view. But having something to hold over her head…well, that could prove priceless. Esme has an agenda. As does her beloved daddy, Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom). Perhaps she can get what she wants quicker and easier with Liz being allowed to walk free…and do Esme’s bidding.

Falling On His General Hospital Sword

But the majority of you, 57%, predict that Nikolas will protect Elizabeth. He’s the one who caused this mess. Elizabeth just went along to help her friend — well, and because she was furious at Esme for posting Cameron Webber’s (William Lipton) and Josslyn Jacks’s (Eden McCoy) sex video. But Nik will still take all the blame — mostly because he deserves it. But also because he has a twisted sense of chivalry, being a prince and all. Locking up a young girl and threatening to steal her baby and kill her? That’s royal blood behavior. But letting a lady take the blame for something she actually did? A gentleman would never do that!

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