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General Hospital Spoilers Weekly Update: A Terrifying Attack

Your General Hospital spoilers weekly update is here! Catch up on what you missed, get a sneak peek at what’s ahead, and find out how you can get involved in the soap opera community!

GH Weekly Recap

Some dark clouds formed on General Hospital, and we definitely heard a roll of thunder! The Nurses Ball kicked off under very different circumstances than before, with performers playing to an audience of cameras alone.

Still, that didn’t stop the drama from unfolding: Maxie didn’t realize that her microphone was active until after she had unwittingly announced her pregnancy, prompting happiness from Peter… and dismay from Spinelli. Elsewhere, Nelle’s plot to kidnap Wiley got underway, with Julian doing her bidding… and Brook Lynn meeting an ill fate after discovering the scheme. There’s lightning on the horizon, and next week will bring a storm! Here are the spoilers!

GH Weekly Teasers

The discovery that baby Wiley has been abducted sends a shockwave through the Corinthos clan, with Carly feeling absolutely certain that Nelle is responsible. Sonny has his own concerns plaguing him, though, as news about his father leaves him in a spiral.

Things are set to take a turn for Jordan, too, as they move beyond her ability to control them, and she discovers that she’s been backed into a corner.

A Look Ahead

This past week was pretty interesting, and the coming ones may bring some unexpected developments. With things being what they are, it’s easy to miss important moments… but that’s why Soap Hub is here to help. If you have any questions, thoughts, or even theories, don’t hesitate to share them with the community!

What did you like most about this week? What are you most excited to see next week? Share it all with everyone in the comments, and remember, there’s always more in the way of soap opera spoilers, news, and exclusive updates in our free newsletter. Until next time, though, fans, thanks so much for watching! I’m Pierce Culver, and I’ll see you again soon!

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