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Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word: Will Nina Forgive Valentin on General Hospital?

Valentin and Nina General HospitalValentin and Nina General Hospital

On General Hospital, Nina and Valentin’s first marriage was hardly made in heaven. Neither one is exactly a candidate for The Good Place. Nonetheless, she’s ready to marry him again.

And, their relationship is about to face its greatest test yet – -Nina (Michelle Stafford) learning that Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) hired Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) to pretend to be Nina’s long-lost daughter — the one she thought she miscarried while she was in a coma.

Will this be the one infraction Nina can’t forgive her felonious husband for? How almost 15,000 fans feel:

The Final Straw
She better not, 86% might get a little homicidal if she does. Nina, Nina, Nina… How stupid must you be? (Yes, we know you’re quite stupid, but you did miss two decades of life experience, so it’s understandable.) But this is beyond the pale, even for you. Your husband is constantly lying to you. He will do anything he needs to in order to hold onto you — even hurt you. That’s just nuts!

You may not deserve to be happy, and you may be incapable of ever being happy. But Valentin’s level of misery is beyond the pale. You’re attached to Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez), sure. Be her friend, her mentor, her big sister-substitute. But you don’t have to be he stepmom… if Valentin is part of the package.

Next Verse, Same as the First
She always forgives him, 14% of the audience has given up. Yes, Nina is exactly as stupid as we feared she was.

She’s bought into Valentin’s Stockholm Syndrome that whenever he does terrible things in order to hold onto her, it’s evidence of his love…not a mental disorder. The worse he gets, the more he loves. See? It makes perfect sense. These two may break up temporarily. But they’ll be kissing and making up in no time.

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