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Too Soon? Is Sam Rushing Things With Drew on General Hospital (GH)?

Drew and Sam on General Hospital

It’s not easy thinking you’re married to the love of your life (even if he looks and seems a whole lot different) and then the actual love of your life shows up, looking and acting exactly the same. But, of course, that’s exactly what happened to Sam on General Hospital (GH).

For some reason, Sam won’t even entertain the thought that she may have to sort out her feelings for both men and insists she has to be with Drew because she loves him. And she does seem to love him. She just seems to love the other guy, too, complicating things.

But Sam still wants to make it official with Drew as soon as possible, but Soap Hub asked if you think that’s a good idea or is she going way too quick after learning he’s not really Jason.

More than 8,000 of you weighed in and 80% think Sam needs to sort things out for a while before making a commitment to Drew. Sure, they share a child together, but she shares a child with Jason, as well. And when she gave birth to Scout, she thought she was giving birth to Jason’s child.

Sam has to realize she fell in love with this man thinking he was Jason, and although she knew he was different and loved him anyway, her heart was with her memories of Jason throughout it all.

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Maybe in the end, she will realize life goes on and Drew is the one for her now, but she still needs to process everything that’s happened first.

The other 20% of you wonder how it can be considered rushing things when she’s known Drew for three years. It doesn’t matter to you that she was ready to share a life with Patrick the first year she knew him and that only ended because she thought the man known as Jake Doe was Jason.

You feel she always knew Drew wasn’t Jason deep down inside and Drew is the man she fell in love with, not just Drew with memories of her life with Jason.

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