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Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For General Hospital: Emme Rylan

Emme Rylan General HospitalEmme Rylan General Hospital

It was a shock to the system when word broke last month that General Hospital would be writing Emme Rylan and Lulu Falconeri off the show as Lulu is a beloved legacy character we’d watch grow up before our eyes. But Rylan gave it her all during Lulu’s last scenes of consciousness, earning the actress Soap Hub’s nod as Performer of the Week.

Emme Rylan: Performer Of The Week

Since early Fall, we had watched Lulu’s heartbreak and confusion as Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) returned to Port Charles and Lulu didn’t know whether to run into his arms or smack him across the face. After all, she had moved on with Dustin, the perfect loving boyfriend who didn’t bring the drama Dante had always given her life.

Although Lulu tried to make it work with Dustin (Mark Lawson), she was ready to pull back and was not expecting his marriage proposal. However, she never got a chance to give him an answer because thanks to Julian Jerome (William deVry), The Floating Rib blew up and Dustin didn’t make it.

Lulu seemed ok at first, but when she learned Dustin had died, her heartbreak was palpable as Rylan openly displayed her character’s shock, disbelief, and unbelievable grief. A talk with Maxie (Kirsten Storms) allowed Lulu to be truthful with her BFF, as well as with herself. Yes, she loved Dustin. Yes, she could not believe he was gone, but no, she was not going to tell him she’d marry him.

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Maxie made Lulu see how very short life is and when Ms. Spencer-Falconeri had that realization, we felt it along with Lulu thanks to Rylan’s performance. She still loved Dante and didn’t want to waste another second without him.

So, before being thoroughly checked by doctors, Lulu summoned Dante to the GH chapel where Rylan’s expressive eyes conveyed everything her character was feeling. But Lulu never got the words out. Instead, we saw her horror as a blinding headache crept up on her that cause a collapse and a coma she may never recover from.

While we still do not understand why the soap made the choice to let Rylan go, we are glad it gave her the material it did so she could shine. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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