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Snooze And Lose: Has The General Hospital (GH) Jason/Sam/Drew Triangle Lost Its Appeal?

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General Hospital (GH) should have had a winner on their hands, but it seems to have let that winner become a loser.

It was the perfect triangle featuring fan favorite heroine Sam (Kelly Monaco), the love of her life, Jason (Steve Burton), and Drew (Billy Miller), the guy she thought was the love of her life while the original was presumed dead. Also, the second guy has the first guy’s memories.

So, it’s one Sam, two Jasons… pick your favorite! This should have been fun. Instead, almost 5,000 viewers are weighing in on whether or not it’s a snooze-fest.

Wake Me Up When It’s Over
Should have been fun? yes. Actually is fun? Not so much, 82% of you are sad to report. Sam going back and forth between the two men with the perfectly moussed hair is boring. How can you root for one coupling over another if even Sam herself doesn’t know what she wants?

Sure, Sonny (Maurice Beanrd) and Carly (Laura Wright) want Sam back with original recipe Jason, while Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) prefers the son-in-law less likely to get her daughter and grandchildren shot, but Sam herself remains loath to make a decision… and stick with it.

And if she won’t commit, why should you? Which makes the entire story dull as indecision.

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That’s What It’s All About!
No, 17% of the audience disagrees. Sam’s indecision is what makes this edge-of-your-seat, can’t-miss TV. If there was an obvious winner, why would you bother watching?

If the end is obvious from the beginning, that’s when the story gets boring. You are loving this triangle precisely because nobody is the obvious good guy or bad guy, not to mention an obvious good or bad match for Sam.

This is how triangles are supposed to work. You want to watch Sam bounce back and forth between the two men, that way everyone wins!

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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